13th to 3rd!China has made history by winning the first bronze medal at the Winter Olympics

2022-08-03 0 By

Yan Wengang made history in the men’s skeleton bobsled final at the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics last night, finishing third to win the first bronze medal for China.Only four years later, The Chinese team made a breakthrough in this event, jumping from the 13th place to the third place. This is a great breakthrough.Geng wenqiang finished 13th in men’s skeleton bobsled at the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, setting the best record.Four years later, the Chinese team fought at home, Yan Wengang suddenly emerged, after four rounds of skating, the total score of 4:01.77, once temporarily ranked the first.Although Yan was later overtaken by two German players, but the Chinese general was only 0.76 seconds behind the champion, a glorious defeat.In the award ceremony after the race, Yan Wengang stood on the podium wearing the national flag and received the award from Zhang Hong.Zhang Hong, China’s Olympic heroine, won gold at the Sochi Games and is now a member of the International Olympic Committee.In the applause of the audience, Yan wengang’s eyes brimmed with tears and waved his hands repeatedly to express his joy.This is the first bronze medal and the seventh medal of this Winter Olympics for China, which ranked seventh in the medal table with 3 gold, 3 silver and 1 bronze, continuing to lead Asia.After Yan’s victory, state media poured out their congratulations. The Winter Sports Management Center praised Yan for taking the bronze for China and also congratulated Yin Zheng for finishing fifth.People’s Daily congratulated Yan Wengang and the China Steel Frame Snow team, and CCTV also attached a picture of Yan Wengang’s race: “Great Chinese athlete who made history”.This is the Chinese team this winter Olympic Games in the last three days of the first medal, looking forward to The Chinese players in today’s competition continued to spread the good news for gold and silver.