A signed guitar, a 2005 low mileage Ford GT

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Has been in the classic car market leaders, celebrities once owned or used cars are selling well in the process of pluses, before we had introduced including the Russian government army version of bulletproof Mercedes Pullman or Paris Hilton mercedes-benz SLR and so on, today to introduce the car comes from the famous American rapper Kid Rock,It’s a 2005 Ford GT, and it comes with a signed guitar!If you’ve seen the movie Speed, you know the history of Ford versus Ferrari.The Ford GT is arguably one of the most iconic high-performance supercars ever built in the United States.The car was created to celebrate ford’s 100th anniversary.In addition to modern technology, into the classic retro style design.The ford GT40 concept was shown at the North American International Auto Show in 2002. Both the look and the name pay homage to the company’s legendary Le Mans winner model from four decades earlier.By the end of 2004, the mid-engined supercar, then known simply as the GT, was in production.It is worth noting that each Ford GT is produced at multiple Ford plants!The cars will initially be built at the Ohio plant and shipped to Ford’s SVT plant in Michigan.At the heart of the car is ford’s all-aluminum 5.4-liter V8 engine with a Lysholm twin-screw mechanical supercharger for a maximum power of 558 HP and peak torque of 678 N · m. The powertrain matches a six-speed manual transmission.In tests by owners and the media, the actual maximum power of this car is around 630 HP!It takes just 3.3 seconds to reach 60 MPH (96 km/h) and has a top speed of 205 MPH (330 km/h).A total of approximately 4,000 units were produced from 2004 until the vehicle was discontinued in 2006, with approximately 2,022 units produced in 2005.The Kid Rock-owned car, which was released in August 2004, was a very early version, with the most popular Mark IV red and white body color scheme, a very popular color combination at the time.Roughly 669 Ford GT cars use this color scheme.The singer’s initial purchase of the car included a number of personal options, including almost all the advanced features offered by the original manufacturer, including forged aluminium BBS wheels, red brake calipers and an upgraded McIntosh stereo system and subwoofer.Since delivery, the car has been well maintained and repaired, with only 3,096 miles (4,982 kilometers) on the road so far.The car also comes with a poster signed by Ford GT chief designer Camilo Pardo, which reads:”‘One for the Road ‘to my friend Kid Rock, along with the original owner’s manual, complete maintenance records, and a signed guitar from Kid Rock.The car uses a lot of black leather on the inside, especially on the seats, doors, dashboard and steering wheel.The manual gearbox has many metal buttons and switches next to it, and the central control is spread over a wide range of gauges from RPM to engine temperature, oil pressure, battery voltmeter, boost pressure and oil level.There is a small detail worth noting, the ford GT on the left side of the large light written “100”, on behalf of the 100th anniversary of ford.