Beijing Saturday travel tips: these road traffic pressure is more prominent

2022-08-03 0 By

Saturday, February 19, end number unlimited.It is expected that in the morning and afternoon, the eastern and northern urban ring roads, liaison lines, some bridge nodes and the Beijing-Chengcheng Expressway, Beijing-Tibet expressway, airport expressway and other expressways will have a heavy traffic flow.Park scenic spots, some business areas and ski resorts around the city may have short-term concentration of traffic.February 19th in the morning in the National Bobsleigh center, national Alpine Skiing center, afternoon in the National Alpine Skiing center, national aquatics center, national Speed Skating Hall, evening in the capital Stadium, national Bobsleigh Center, national aquatics Center, national Stadium will be held several winter Olympic Games.Temporary traffic management measures will be taken on some roads around the venues. The traffic pressure will be prominent on the north fifth Ring Road, the west section of the North second Ring Road, the east, north third ring road, the East, west and north fourth Ring Road, Xizhimen Outer Street, Beijing-Tibet Expressway, Beijing-Chengcheng Expressway, Beijing-Xinjing Expressway and Beijing-Li Expressway.Source: Beijing Daily client