Durant asked.Using westbrook memes, fans joked: kyrie irving influence

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With the arrival of the annual All-Star weekend on February 20, all the players got a rare break to relax.Durant, the top vote-getter in the Eastern Conference, missed the All-Star game for the second straight year due to injury, so he did not appear in Cleveland.But he is still known as du Xiaoshuai, who enjoys surfing the Internet while recuperating.Today, he took to his personal social media account to ask a soul question.Durant, known as a surfer, has long been known to post personal opinions on his social media accounts, and today he seemed to want to discuss some worthy questions with his fellow surfers.”Are you born with any skill or talent?” he asks.His post attracted more than 2,000 replies, more than 15,000 likes and more than 2,400 retweets within an hour.He then reposted some of the answers and shared his own thoughts.”The answer is no, because you didn’t know anything when you were born,” said one user.Durant seemed to identify with the situation, saying he felt the same way.”Or we could say we were born with it all, we just need a lifetime to discover it,” said another.Durant seemed shocked by the answer, replying with a meme of his former teammate Westbrook.The answer seemed to leave Durant flabbergasted, with Westbrook explaining his feelings.Durant’s response to the meme quickly received over 10,000 likes.Some netizens joked that Durant might have been influenced by Irving to talk about philosophy.As one of the league’s biggest stars, Durant’s talent in basketball is beyond doubt, and his scoring skills are direct. He can score from anywhere on the court.Even after a serious injury, he came back and showed great strength and dominance.He averaged 29.3 points, 7.4 rebounds and 5.8 assists in 36 games for the Nets this season, once leading the league in scoring and being a contender for the NBA MVP award.But the Nets in his injury, the record continues to slide.The Nets have won just four of their last 17 games since Durant was sidelined by an injury in mid-January, including an 11-game losing streak. The team sits 31-28 in eighth place in the Eastern Conference and could face the playoffs at any moment.It also shows how important Durant is to the team.With the nets completed the trade, Durant will usher in a new helper, Simmons will become an important link of the team’s defense.Both are expected to return after the All-Star break, when the Nets will be in full swing for the playoffs.As long as they stay healthy, they’re still a championship contender.(Text/Yuwen Basketball)