Four elements of marketing

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Looking, smelling, questioning and palpation, as effective means of treating diseases in Chinese traditional Medicine, describe the process of diagnosing patients’ conditions through four steps: looking, listening to sounds, asking about the condition and taking the pulse. It is a profound and superficial understanding of the human body system to prescribe targeted prescriptions to achieve the purpose of curing and saving people.In fact, in the field of marketing, marketing personnel use hope, smell, ask, cut 4 marketing elements means of marketing work, can also play a very good role.A, look at:Keep looking, do market survey no investigation, no right to speak, as the market staff work must carry on the market, first of all need to know the market situation and can be targeted, and hope is through the view to a process of cognition of the market situation, achieve the goal of mastering the market first-hand information, thus provided a basis for subsequent marketing work,In the process of market diagnosis, we can learn more about the market, including market characteristics, cultural environment, consumption characteristics, income level, population and competitors.Understand the situation of competitive products, sales, product items, product prices, product channels, etc.Understand the situation of their own products, sales, market position, product advantages and disadvantages;Understand the situation of channels, how many terminals, how many stores, channel distribution, channel characteristics and so on;Know your own personnel situation: the number of personnel, personality and characteristics of personnel, strengths, strengths and weaknesses;Understand the distributor’s channel composition, financial situation, agent product brand, local influence and social background;Understand the resources of media, how many media there are, which ones are strong and which ones are weak, and how each media operates.Reading audience, number of fans, geographical coverage, KOL and so on.Through the understanding of these problems, the understanding of the market has already had an overall concept, but these problems are only the most preliminary understanding of the overall market, far from enough and need to be further in-depth.Second, the smell:Listening and understanding the problem market marketing elements of market research is the first part of the whole market work only work over, to find the market problem is also one of the important steps in the job market, at this time as a marketing personnel needs on the basis of market research with the ears, with thinking to do a more comprehensive analysis,By listening to the conversations of dealers, colleagues and terminals, understand the problems of their own products in the market.Listen to their solutions, listen to their marketing ideas, through listening to understand more solutions to problems, of course, not to fully accept their views and opinions, but through listening with thinking, to find the root of the problem in marketing, and the best and most effective way to solve the problem.Three, ask: ask more, find market opportunities and opponents weaknesses q is a process of thinking is correct or not to judge, and market research’s collection of market information to early to further analysis is a process, its purpose is through the communication with related personnel to find something in common on the market and the market opportunity and as a marketing staff in this section is to ask: ask the dealer:Understand dealer psychology and market operation thinking, find the subjective cause of the problem;Ask terminal: understand the situation of product sales and influence the factors of sales?Is it the product?Is the distributor distribution problem?Are competitors too strong or are the characteristics and motivations of consumers not fully identified and exploited?Ask colleagues: What are the features of your product?What are your strengths? What are the strengths and weaknesses of your company? Where are your opportunities?Ask your competitors: Not directly, of course, but ask your front-line business people, your terminals, and your distributors to learn about your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses, strengths and weaknesses, and their market dynamics.Four, cut:Positioning, confirmed the market problem is all to early conclusion with a summary analysis of process and revalidation of the process, is the accurate judgment of market positioning, is confirmed, is the final conclusion, in this step marketers need to be further system from the perspective of comprehensive understand the problems existing in the market, deeply understand the nature of the market characteristics and market opportunities,Thus making a compelling case for a market plan.When the market diagnosis results out, the market work is not over, then also need marketing personnel to open a dose of “good prescription” market work plan — this is the purpose of the market work.Here, the market work plan is mainly to find solutions to problems, opportunities to realize growth potential, specific measures to be taken and required resource allocation according to the results of market analysis and diagnosis. Of course, necessary analysis should also be made on the final results and benefits.