Is Han Han’s new film The Four Seas worth watching?

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Writers, drivers, actors…Han Han, in the eyes of the public, can be called a crossover master.His most memorable role in recent years has been as a director.Han has directed three films, starting with the Continent in 2014.Although the reputation is uneven, but have left quite distinct and unique style.This time, he directed the fourth film “kill” into the Spring Festival, once let many people look forward to.Unexpectedly, the film’s first day of release critical decline.With a score of 5.6 on Douban, it ranks at the bottom of the Spring Festival list — The universal Ocean first answers the most concerned question: Is universal Ocean really bad?Not really.The Four Seas is still a film in the style of Han Han.As one popular comment on Douban put it, han han has been making the same movie all along.Looking back at previous works such as “The Continent”, “Sailing through the Waves” and “Pegasus”, we can find obvious similarities among them: racecar drivers, island and small-town youths.These elements come together again in Four Seas to tell a new story.The opening of the film is still han han’s favorite father-son proposition.Wharf of nan Ao island, Wu Renyao (Liu Haoran is acted the role of) with the father Wu Renteng that goes out to work all year round (Shen Teng is acted the role of) meet.After years of not seeing each other, father and son are estranged, which naturally contributes to the opening joke of the film.For example, Wu Renteng took altman waving in the air, but attracted his son’s embarrassment and disgust.For example, Han han uses the homonym of father and son’s names to make jokes.A “no one hurts”, a “no one wants”, the moment full of joy overflow screen.The hero Yao is a lonely child, motorcycle has been his only friend.Until met a girl on the island Zhou Huansong (Liu Haocun), the world was rich and colorful.Accidental opportunity, a Yao got acquainted with the elder brother Zhou Huange of happy song (Yin Zheng is acted the role of).Unexpectedly, song and Yao also love motorcycles.He formed an unwon motorcycle team on the island, the Legends of invincibility.In order to catch up with huan Song, Yao joined the team, spent a period of arbitrary flying time.But things are fickle, because of an accident, A Yao and Huan Song had to leave home, to Guangzhou to work.Embark on the unknown journey of two people, both excited and uneasy.No one can predict, however, what their fate will be.Like previous films, the film is about comedy in its shell and the struggles and dilemmas of little people in its core.Only, this time han han apparently began to “put rotten”.First of all, the script is not well written, all the scenes and plots are more like patchwork.Many scenes as hard as PPT, the look and feel is a SOB.It starts out as a comedy and gets emotional after a while.Just let the audience get addicted to the hot blood motorcycle, and then turned into a young love drama.Love did not talk, but two people rushed to the big city, began to accept the reality of the beating.The script of this film is basically this way, where I want to write.From time to time to reveal a trace of dog blood breath, more let many viewers see confused.Secondly, is the second half of the drama seriously pulled down.To be honest, the first half of the film is very interesting.Although the plot is slightly scattered, but it is through a series of events linked island youth o yao’s affection, friendship and love.But the second half of the writing suddenly came to realism, the drama is obviously “suspended” up.Han seems to want to show how hard they struggle in the big city, but can’t.It is obvious that Han, who rose to fame at a young age, achieved worldly success too early.Therefore created a small town youth working record, but a lot of time is self-infatuation and self-touched just.In addition, the “hotel does not include morning” plot, which is written in a large number of pages, is even more puzzling.Because mistakenly think “the hotel does not contain early” is not containing the meaning of the morning, at the same time do not know how to open the door, yao and Huan Song two people leng is sitting in the hotel corridor for a night.That picture, let big New Year sitting in the cinema’s uncle extremely embarrassed.Work line suspension outside, two people’s love line also did not shoot well.The necklace, hidden in the burger, looks awkward.Many of the lines are unbearably melodramatic.”I hope every hotel you stay in in the future is inclusive.””Let’s not hold on to each other.””The sky won’t give you the answer.”In the end, can only say the film’s biggest success or failure, still lies in Han Han himself.With years of experience as a director, he knows all too well how a film works.In order to pursue commercial, he invited the national laugh maker Shen Teng, the new generation of actors Liu Haoran, the topic of a high Degree of Liu Haocun and other big stars.In order to pursue feelings, he after many years, is still shooting the story of small town youth blood.Business, feelings are both wrong, is Han Han’s calculation.But because he is so calculating, commercial film director Han Han has become spoiled by capital and the market.Of course, the “Four Seas” of “put rotten”, also gave countless film creators a wake up.If there is only formula and formula, but no more innovation, the most individual director will stop there.If you just repeat yourself, without too much improvement in technique, the audience will definitely not buy it.