Lacey: 35 entrepreneurs have been appointed as ambassadors

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Qilu Evening News • Qilu Yipoint reporter Song Zufeng correspondent Wei Kangwei Jinming February 11, Laixi city held the 2022 entrepreneurs forum, 35 entrepreneurs representatives were hired as ambassadors for investment promotion.On The 11th, 35 entrepreneur representatives from various industries and fields and major leaders of Laixi Municipal Party Committee and Government gathered together to discuss development.At the meeting, Zhou Ke, Secretary of Laixi Municipal Party Committee, Liu Ying, Deputy Secretary of Laixi Municipal Party Committee and acting Mayor of Laixi announced their contact information to entrepreneurs, establishing a “through train” for service enterprises, and releasing a strong signal of respecting and respecting entrepreneurs.Nestle co., LTD., Qingdao glory construction group, Beijing automobile factory, Qingdao xuan battery co., LTD., and heidegger’s sea group, Qingdao line thousands of miles, Chinese express holdings co., LTD., Qingdao the fruit and vegetable professional cooperatives, Qingdao wanfu group, Qingdao Chinese investment group and other 12 entrepreneurs industrial upgrading, talent introduction, living facilities and other issues to open up the smoothSay what you want and seek common development.Among the 190,000 market entities in Laixi, enterprises contribute more than 80 percent of local tax revenue, more than 90 percent of R&D patents, and more than 65 percent of urban employment. They are the “booster” of Laixi’s development.The conference will strengthen the confidence of entrepreneurs in the development of enterprises, but also gather the consensus of enterprise development. All levels and departments of Laixi city should fully respect the innovation and creativity of enterprises, make every effort to solve the perplexing problems of enterprises, and vigorously create a social environment that respects enterprises.We need to cultivate fertile ground for entrepreneurs, serve as a “think tank” for promoting business development, protect the legitimate rights and interests of market players, ensure the stability and continuity of policies, and resolutely avoid “new officials ignoring old scores.”We should vigorously support the development of enterprises, provide them with life-cycle services, and streamline procedures and optimize services in all aspects and links, such as registration and project approval.Should actively build industry ecology, combining the reality of lacey, strengthen the industry research, new energy vehicles, general aviation, green buildings, biological medicine, a new generation of information technology, high-end food and beverage industries such as precision investment, resource pooling, extending chain chain, form the industry chain, enhance toughness urban development.We should try our best to optimize the environment for serving entrepreneurs and serve them as “shopkeepers” so that enterprises will have no worries.It is understood that the next step lacey had will set up the enterprise service center, a window of foreign guarantee enterprise service, synchronization of establishing exclusive group of government services, open enterprise service hotline, set up the “entrepreneur”, on the whole society to build respect entrepreneur, entrepreneur’s thick atmosphere, further optimize the business environment, clear the way for the enterprise development,Accelerate the development of jiaodong Peninsula central regional economic uplift belt.At the symposium, Lacey also invited 35 entrepreneurs to be ambassadors for investment promotion, and fully stimulated the vitality of the city by attracting investment promotion link projects.