Music essay: Zhou Huimin “gossip” touching 30 years can not miss

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Zhou huimin zhou huimin, 70,80 in the heart of the jade woman, from a debut has been beautiful to today.At that time, zhou Huimin’s poster is most of the boys must choose, stick on the bed, desk, every day look, think this is the world’s most beautiful woman, in the future to find a girlfriend according to this standard.Artificial beauty is not popular in the entertainment circle in the 1990s. Every female star’s beauty is unique and natural.The beauty of Zhou Huimin has the innocence of the girl next door, but also some beautiful enchanting, stand out in a lot of beauty, become the acknowledged jade lady boss.Today, let’s listen to the duet song “Gossip” by Zhou Huimin and Lin Longxuan.Click the play button at the beginning of the article to listen and watch.Lin Longxuan is a well-known music producer in Taiwan.For example, Na Ying’s “Day doesn’t know the Darkness of night”, Angela Chang’s “Aurora” and Zhang Xinzhe’s “I can’t Resist Your Face” were all produced by Lin Longxuan.The song “Gossip” is composed by Lin Longxuan and sung by Zhou Huimin.The song “Gossip” was written according to Chow’s mood at that time, describing her attitude of being helpless and unable to defend herself in the midst of gossip, choosing silence and waiting as the only choice.”I always thought they would not care about even side is full of all sorts of whisper but I only to see your beautiful face in the colorful life gradually becoming pale pale I thought even side has won’t care about their eyes point but I can see you that brilliant smile silence gradually gradually in the depoliticization of topic change”In those days, Emily Chow was famous for her beautiful songs and starred in many films and TV dramas. She was also highly praised and became popular in Hong Kong and Taiwan.The entertainment media in Hong Kong cannot miss the hot spot of Emily Chow.People red is not much zhou Huimin was put under the spotlight, the rumors of all over the sky around, at the same time she and Ni Zhen on and off also by the public concern, surrounded.Although Emily chow looks weak, she has a strong personality.Emotional injury and media attention did not let her wither, but like a spring bud flower, more and more brilliant.Lin wrote this song for Zhou wai-min.This song expresses zhou Huimin’s mood at that time, it is not easy to be a star, it is not easy to be a popular actress, Zhou Huimin is beautiful, but also strong.”Gossip” was included in Chow wai-man’s album of the same name in 1992.Cross-border collaborations between Hong Kong and Taiwan singers were a common sight at that time, such as Cheung Sin-chee/Carina Lau’s “A Little Touched”, Leslie Cheung/Sin Xiaoqi’s “Deep Embrace”, Jackie Chan/Chen Shu-hua’s “My Heart Is Clear”, and Jonathan Lee/Sandy Lam’s “When Love Is Past”.”Gossip” was a hit in Taiwan, topping the “Bosom Friend chart” for four weeks and selling 3 platinum.The song has become a popular choice for KTV love songs.It is said that Lin longxuan was reluctant to produce songs for Zhou hui-min at first, thinking that she was just a “trophy”.Until one day, a colleague of the record company deliberately played a girl’s Cantonese song, which Lin Longxuan thought was very nice. The result was told by the production staff that “he did not want to help zhou Huimin sing the song”.Lin Longxuan was greatly surprised, through communication, tailored for Zhou Huimin this song, and their own cooperation.”Gossip” singing, Emily Chow has a beautiful, sweet, and recognizable voice.You can hear that Zhou Huimin in singing this song into their own feelings, through the rumors of helplessness, love dearly to her lover.Hoping the gossip would blow over and regain the desire to relax.At the same time, he also expressed his personal attitude that he was not afraid of rumors.Emily Chow uses her personal experience to perform the song “Gossip”, so it is moving.Arguably, “Gossip” is chow’s most influential song among her dozens of duets.”Rumors spread to say always do not know when can quell rumors turn around please believe that my heart is as pure as the old gossip to disperse as every day fade away the seamless I hope you believe I still believe that” – zhou huimin “gossip” rumors, is the most hurt in the world of weapons.It doesn’t need any explanation, it doesn’t need any proof, it can hurt you and the people around you.”Myth” describes the complex mentality of people troubled by the myth and the life attitude of those who are clear and those who are muddy. It tells us that no matter at what time, what people need most is to trust each other and trust their lovers.