“Nature porters” also began to sell boiled water, the price of 2 yuan a bottle, the farmer spring this can lead this wheat Lang, Master Kong?

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“Nature porters” also began to layout the white water market.On January 25, Nongfu Spring confirmed to Beijing Business Daily that it had launched the boiled water product and said that its boiled water product comes from Taibai Mountain.After jinmalang and Master Kong launched “cool white open” and “drink boiled water” products, Nongfu Spring’s entry into the market is seen as a move to find new growth points and fight market competition.However, in the industry, boiled water category represented by boiled water bottles and ordinary packaging of drinking water between a certain product area.As plain boiled water does not emphasize the importance of water source, for nongfu Spring, which has been telling the “story of water source” for a long time, whether the new push is a “chicken rib” or a growth engine remains to be tested by the market.”We believe all bottled water should contain natural mineral elements, including water products,” a company official told Beijing Business Daily on January 25.Based on this, we launched water products containing mineral elements to meet the differentiated needs of the market and consumers, while providing consumers with a variety of healthy choices.”Reporters from Beijing Business Daily searched nongfu Spring’s official website and official flagship store, and found that there is no water products for sale online.However, sources said that some distributors have been given nongfu Spring water products, the price of 2 yuan a bottle.In fact, the layout of water companies boiled water bottled water is not new.Beijing Business Daily reporter combed found that at present has launched plain water products of enterprises including Today Malang, Master Kong.In 2016, today’s Malang online “cold white open”.According to statistics, the sales volume of Malang Liangbai kai has exceeded 2 billion yuan in 2019, accounting for about 4% of China’s bottled water market.Perhaps because of the market growth behind boiled water, In 2020, Master Kong launched “Drinking boiled water”, which not only carried out a lot of publicity and marketing, but also invited the flow star CAI Xukun as the spokesperson.After mailang and Master Kong entered the market one after another, there were voices in the industry that nongfu Spring and other enterprises would also join the water market one day.”The launch of nongfu Spring water products also means that China’s water racetrack may be further expanded.”Zhu Danpeng, an analyst of China’s food industry, said in an interview with Beijing Business Daily that China’s drinking water industry has entered a point of high homogeneity.After jinmalang opened the cold white open category, Master Kong and other enterprises successively joined in.It is not difficult to see that Liangbai Open circuit has a certain brand effect and scale effect, nongfu Spring is bound to follow.Nongfu Spring natural spring water market has reached the peak, it is urgent to find a new growth point to sustainable development.The financial results show that in 2020, The operating revenue of Nongfu Spring was 22.877 billion yuan, down 4.8% compared with 2019, and the net profit was 5.277 billion yuan, up 6.6% year on year.Among them, the revenue of nongfu Spring’s packaged drinking water products in 2020 was 13.966 billion yuan, down 2.6% compared with 2019, accounting for 61% of the total revenue in 2020.”As nongfu Spring is a leading beverage company in China, drinking water is an important component of its business performance.Its spring water has reached the ceiling, and how to achieve new growth is an urgent problem to be solved. Exploring and developing new products will be the future growth channel of Nongfu Spring.””Jutanbong said.Shen Meng, director of Chanson Capital, believes that when competitors are challenging the core areas of high-value-added products, Nongfu Spring takes the initiative to launch low-end products such as plain water and reverse attack the core market of its competitors, which can not only increase the competitive pressure of its competitors, but also relieve its own performance pressure.It is worth paying attention to that since the launch of boiled water products, China’s packaged drinking water market began to divide into “raw water” and “cooked water”.Generally speaking, “cooked water” refers to heated and filtered packaged drinking water represented by plain boiled water, while other natural mineral water and purified drinking water are “raw water”.Different enterprises also have different views on cooked water.Jinmailang’s official website says, “The ‘cooked water era’ is coming in China’s packaged drinking water market, and boiled water has become a new choice for healthy drinking water in the era of health consumption upgrading.”The product description of master Kong’s flagship store for drinking boiled water says that “the cooked water temperature is smooth and not irritating, which is suitable for Chinese people’s intestines and stomach.”However, the current industry acceptance of the concept of cooked water does not seem to be high.Many consumers doubt that “plain boiling water is not to boil tap water” and “drinking boiling water is to drink hot water, cold packaging water is also called boiling water”.According to the group standard “Boiled Water Packaged Drinking Water” issued and implemented by the state in 2017, boiled water packaged drinking water is defined as “raw water in accordance with the raw material requirements of GB19298, processed into packaged drinking water by physical heating sterilization process not less than 100℃ using ultrafiltration, nanofiltration, reverse osmosis and other membrane filtration technologies”.According to the above criteria, raw materials for cooked water may include public and non-public water supplies.In other words, it is not unreasonable for consumers to consider boiling tap water.Therefore, it is reported that nongfu Spring water will be mainly distributed in Henan and other areas with high acceptance of water.However, in an interview with Beijing Business Daily, nongfu Spring said: “Nongfu Spring water continues to ‘never use city tap water’ product philosophy, water from natural high-quality sources, and high temperature sterilization treatment.Water contains natural potassium, calcium, sodium, magnesium, metasilic acid and other mineral elements needed by the human body.At present, water for our boiled water products comes from Taibai Mountain.Taibai Mountain, the main peak of Qinling Mountains, has a healthy forest ecosystem and a well-developed geological aquifer belt.The spring leaches minerals from the rocks, and the water contains a variety of minerals needed by the human body, making it cool and sweet for long-term drinking.”Insiders believe that plain boiled water products do not emphasize the water source, but pay more attention to the technical level and prosecution standards such as sterilization and filtration, forming a product area with ordinary packaging drinking water.However, the “story of water source” that Nongfu Spring has been telling for a long time does not seem to be effective in the field of cooked water, where water source is treated equally.In Shen meng’s opinion, plain water is not in its name or concept, but as a low-end drinking water competition in the market.From the current consumption demand for low-end drinking water, plain water has great potential, which can make up for nongfu Spring’s weakness in low-end products, directly compete with Wahaha and other products, and also alleviate the competition challenges faced by core products.Zhu Danpeng predicted that nongfu Spring layout of white water market, development opportunities are there.But if you want to tell a good story in the field of boiled water, you may play the “feelings card” from the “taste of childhood” and “nostalgia”, but the final sales situation still needs to be tested by the market.Beijing Business Daily reporter Bai Yang Zhang Han