Pingcheng District locomotive first school held a school work deployment related meeting

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In order to effectively carry out the work of the spring semester of 2022 and epidemic prevention and control, all the leaders of Pingcheng District No.1 Locomotive School, organized by Principal Yang Qingtao, held a meeting on the work deployment and epidemic prevention and control of the spring semester of 2022 at 8:30 am on February 13.At the meeting, Vice Principal Li Ligang conveyed the spirit of the meeting of The District Education Bureau and led the participants to learn the Epidemic Prevention and Control Work Plan of Pingcheng District Education Bureau in 2022 Spring Semester and the Refined Emergency Management Manual of Epidemic Prevention and Control in Pingcheng District Education System.According to the “Inspection List of School Health and Epidemic Prevention work for the Spring Semester of 2022” and the actual situation of the school, it is emphasized to further deepen the ideological understanding, strictly implement the ten prevention and control measures, seriously improve the “two cases and nine system”, check the health code and travel code of teachers, students, staff and parents.To ensure that teachers, students and staff return to the military, nucleic acid test certificates, self-health monitoring and other work;Strengthen health monitoring and epidemic prevention and control knowledge publicity of teachers, students and staff during the first 14 days of school;Do safety checks and campus extermination before school starts, and prepare sufficient epidemic prevention materials;We will carry out emergency drills for epidemic prevention and control, and improve the five major prevention and control systems and mechanisms.Principal Yang made arrangements for key points and epidemic prevention and control work before the new semester began.She stressed that all departments should earnestly raise the political stance, to carry out the work plan of “one school and a slip”, using the “three-thirds system” execution of work, according to the timing, create positions, a person, the requirement of the grid, listing, ZeRenHua, revising perfect detailed plan and job listings on epidemic prevention and control, comprehensive work plan must be specific, without dead Angle leakage, in strict accordance with the higher requirements,To ensure the safety and health of teachers and students, the school should take good care of epidemic prevention and control and the beginning of the spring semester.This spring semester work deployment and epidemic prevention and control work conference, fully summed up the school’s existing work experience, strengthen and consolidate the campus security and stability, for the new semester work laid a good foundation.After the meeting, coincides with the snow has gradually stopped, President Yang and all school leaders picked up snow tools together to clean up the campus snow.With everyone’s joint efforts, the snow on the main road of the campus has been cleaned up, which provides a guarantee for the safe travel of teachers and students. After the snow, the campus becomes more beautiful!Editor’s note: This article is reproduced for the purpose of passing on more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: