Rise strong!This young university is a miracle of higher education in China

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Source | qingtazhen edit | academic jun south university of science and technology, as from the date of birth: reference to the Hong Kong university school pattern, one pace reachs the designated position to build a high level of research universities;Zhu Qingshi, the reform-minded former president of the University of Science and Technology of China, stood out from 200 candidates and became the founding president.The first teaching reform class, independent recruitment of 45 students, graduation from the degree.It has just been 12 years since the establishment of the university. Many people are concerned about how far south University of Science and Technology is from its mission.▎ How long does it take to get to the top?In this regard, SOUTH University of Science and Technology has given its own blueprint: by 2025, south University of Science and Technology will rank first among Chinese universities and become a new research university with global influence.By 2035, a number of disciplines will rank among the top in the world, and China will become a world-class university with extensive influence.By 2049, the university will rank among the world’s top disciplines and become a world-class university with outstanding contribution, innovation and influence.Mission can be achieved, need strength to speak.In recent years, the south University of Science and Technology’s world ranking speed is not fast.Since its debut in The Times World University Rankings in 2018, THE Southern University of Science and Technology has been ranked among the top 10 universities in mainland China for four consecutive years.In 2021, SOUTH University of Science and Technology entered the world’s top 200 for the first time, ranking 162nd and 9th among universities in Mainland China.In 2021, the faculty of NANust published 25 papers in CNS main journal.In the whole year, 754 vertical science and technology projects were approved, including 343 national projects.Three professors from SOUTHERN University of Science and Technology were elected as academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Sciences in November last year.Up to now, south University of Science and Technology has a total of 55 academicians, and 34 full-time academicians have been introduced and trained independently.More than 90% of the teachers in the teaching and research series have overseas working experience, and more than 60% have worked or studied in the world’s top 100 universities.In the class of 2021, 70 percent of graduates will enter higher education, and about 45 percent of them will directly pursue doctoral degrees.▎ Innovation is the gene of SUST that enables four-legged robot dogs to trot stably. This is a challenge that students need to solve in the robot Modeling and Control course at SUST.In the Course Project, which draws lessons from the teaching experience of famous foreign universities, students try to challenge various types of robots every day.Their project even successfully expanded into an IEEE international Conference paper.In terms of talent cultivation, the classroom is not the only innovation at SOUTH University of Science and Technology.Different from traditional universities, SOUTH University of Science and Technology implements the academy system.As early as the founding of the university, the college system was written into the Constitution of Southern University of Science and Technology.At present, there are six academies including Zhiren, Shuren, Zhicheng, Shude, Zhixin and Shuli.The academy is not only a place for students to rest and live, but also a community for students of different grades and majors to keep close contact and interact with their tutors.At present, SOUTH University of Science and Technology has explored and established the top-notch innovative talent training mode with the core and characteristics of “credit system, college system, tutorial system” and “individuation, elitism and internationalization”.In the recruitment of students to adopt the “college entrance examination based comprehensive evaluation admission mode” (referred to as the “631” mode), diversified selection of talents.The innovation of talent training is just the epitome of innovation of SOUTH University of Science and Technology.The board governance system, the implementation of the independent laboratory system (PI), the construction of a number of high-level collaborative innovation teams, the first to implement the full employment system and “quasi-employment and long-term employment system”, in line with the international standards……As one of our teachers put it: “Innovation is the character and DNA of OUR university.”▎ On September 3, 2021, the school motto announced at the opening ceremony of SUST has attracted a lot of friends in our community.”Mingde seek truth from facts, new and self-improvement”, just eight words, condensed the spirit of running a school along the way of South University of Science and Technology.In 2009, Zhu Qingshi received the letter of appointment from the mayor of Shenzhen.”I went to SOUTH University of Science and Technology to do experiments.I completely copied the ideas and practices of world-class universities, just to see how difficult these things would be under the Chinese system.And my hope is that if these problems are identified and resolved, we can move forward and maybe build a research university.”The founding president laid the foundation of THE university: the first teaching reform class, the construction of the first college, the establishment of the Education Foundation of the university, moving to the new campus…This “dare to venture and dare to try” has attracted a number of like-minded scholars, teachers and students to join the cause.”The young teachers at SOUTH University of Science and Technology have energy, enthusiasm, ability and a real ambition to do something with their breath.”Chemistry department creates dean Lu weizeng to say so.For Chen Shiyi, the second president, joining THE University was a once in a lifetime decision.He describes himself as a pragmatic idealist: “The most important thing for an idealist is to make it happen.” His vision for THE university is to become one of China’s most entrepreneurial research universities.During Chen’s tenure as president, the School of Innovation and Entrepreneurship was established, and students were encouraged to do internships.Graduate students can experience the dual tutorial system, in which on-campus tutors guide basic research and off-campus tutors meet the innovation needs of enterprises.Professors are encouraged to start their own businesses. Professors can work one day a week in the company.The president has his own sense of humor and affection for the school, signing his name with a homonym for “multiply eleven” and quoting the Greek poet Cavafis in his commencement address to see off students.From 2015 to 2020, SOUTH University of Science and Technology has gradually matured: various schools and departments have been established;New units for conferring doctoral degrees;First project funded by national Natural Science Foundation of China;Ranked in The Times World University Rankings for the first time in 18 years…Photo: Chen And students at the graduation ceremony of the 10th anniversary of the school, Xue Qikun wants to inject new soul into the school.In 2021, THE university formulated a new “three-step” development strategy and implemented “Five action plans”.At last year’s Open Day on campus, Xue qikun also said that the university will launch an “academic promotion plan” for undergraduates, in which undergraduates will lead research projects: students will manage their own funds, set their own goals, and the university will provide tutors and financial support.This academician of the Academy of Sciences, who speaks shandong dialect everywhere, has been in office for more than a year and has been affectionately called “Xue Sir” by students.On the road of innovation, SOUTH University of Science and Technology has been carrying out self-revolution.We will all witness that as the experimental field of higher education reform, SOUTH University of Science and Technology is forging a road of modern university with Chinese characteristics.Please contact the original author for authorization and indicate the source of this article