Spring Festival holiday to tongguan ancient city to open the wonderful hot spring tour

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This wave of cold to the unexpected this time, the most happy thing or bubble!Wen!Spring!Bubble hot spring don’t know where it to tongguan city strategy in a hot spring tongguan city is located in tongguan county port cashier’s about 500 metres from east huashan north station only 20 minutes’ drive from nuwa hot spring resort is the ancient city of tongguan scenic area is located in the scenic southern originality to create hot springs hotel divided into outdoor hot spring, private yard soup hot spring water temperature 78 ℃ water content of strontium element supranational standardWe call it “strontium Spring”. Outdoor hot spring Outdoor hot spring pool is scattered all over the place. The hot spring comes from 2300 meters underground.Private soup courtyard private soup courtyard for you to achieve bed and hot spring “one step away” hot spring hospital, full of sincerity including independent hot spring pool,Bedrooms, reception rooms and other supporting facilities are mahjong rooms, teahouses and so on to meet your daily leisure friends tea tasting private soup courtyard neither face the embarrassment of coexistence with others nor worry about losing the right place just enjoy the quiet and safe comfortable time more than you imagine of course,Located in tongguan ancient City scenic area, adjacent to the Yellow River, Nu Wa Hot Spring Resort enjoys the unique “green”, “clear”, “quiet”, “clean” while enjoying the beautiful scenery.Unique architectural design: white wall, green tile, solid wood, glass and other materials, on the basis of the Oriental temperament into simple, pay attention to the rhythm of the United States.Landscape design: Integrating into nature, landscape design takes simple points, lines and planes as basic composition elements, and artistic flowerpots, stones, pebbles, boards and bamboo as landscape elements, and tends to be eclectic in materials.Interior design: the elements, colors, lighting and raw materials mainly designed with simple style are simplified to a minimum in interior design. Simple space design is usually very implicit, which can often achieve the effect of less than more and simpler than more.Characteristic cuisine star cuisine, according to the climate of the season to launch special dishes, keep up with the season, absolutely fresh.Nutritious and naturally delicious.These are probably “Nu Wa hot Spring Resort hotel” so popular with the majority of tourists like the reason!Keep in good health should not be late ah and their own friends come together!Order hotline: 0913-3973688 Address: 500m east of Port Toll Station, Tongguan County, Shaanxi Province (Ancient City of Tongguan)