The more incompetent the person, the more like to post these kinds of circle of friends, they think they are very advanced, in fact, the opposite

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Foreword: everyone like hair circle of friends, but we need to understand that some friends just to let you have a happy life, but there are some hair circle of friends is to show off, from friends can tell how a person’s character, also can see that a person’s ability how, in our life, in fact, a lot of things are like this.The less skilled people are, the more they like to post these kinds of moments, thinking they are very advanced, but in fact, they always show off their wealth in moments. The less skilled people are, the more they like to show off their wealth in moments. In our life, there are many such people, sometimes they don’t really have wealth.People who like to show off their wealth in their friends circle are generally not the result of their own creation but through the means of others.Do not think that others show off in the moments of friends, really very famous, in fact, just to make yourself limelight, and then if you have a bad life, you may have nothing. A person who knows how to have wealth, a person who is really capable will never post such things in the moments of friends, because he needs to be low-key.A person who has no ability likes to post on wechat moments in this way to prove his ability.In this world many times many things, we must be clear, in fact, everyone has their own way of life, some moments can be posted and some are not.When you think you have ability, in fact, others see you are really not capable of that side.Show off a lot of objects as we all know, in comparing the heart is very strong in the world, a lot of people like to show off how many objects, feel good is very great, in fact, whether men or women are all the same, sometimes when you send friends to show off these have proved that, all your things are not their own.Often a capable person, no matter man or woman, will do all aspects of their own very well, and will not easily to show off, so in this world, sometimes you think you really have the ability, you can do things quietly do not let others know, so that others will respect you very much.A lot of people think they’re superior, but it’s only when you post these things that you know someone else is superior.In our life, in fact, many times a lot of things are like this, we can only understand if we can seriously do it, sometimes you do not need to show off, others can see your ability.Conclusion:Those who like to send friends, most of the time, many things do not belong to oneself, because is someone else’s circle of friends, what you send is to see other people, so that people are generally not idle, really a capable person a high eq, feel oneself are very advanced, is not casual hair circle of friends, and such people also have no time to friends.