Why make the world’s first electric luxury MPV!LAN Tu CEO: Chinese families, enterprises need

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On the evening of April 7, the world’s first large luxury electric MPV – “Lantu Dreamer” officially opened presale, seven-seat version of the model price range of 380,000 to 480,000 yuan;The four-seater custom model starts at 600,000.The dreamers will be available for inspection in May, and owners are expected to pick them up in July, officials said.Throughout the domestic market, high-end luxury MPV to Buick GL8 Avea, Toyota Elfa as the mainstream models in the market, and are fuel models, and LAN To dream is the first time into the new energy MPV market.About arashi figure why want to do an electric luxury MPV, arashi figure put also the CEO Lou response: 1, the car into the electric era, intelligent era, low carbon travel way also gradually thorough popular feeling, markets need a true intelligent electric, MPV, need MPV with the trolley genes, rather than oil to electricity.2. With the upgrading of consumption, China’s family structure is also changing. There are more and more two-child families, multi-child families and more and more three-generation families living under the same roof.High-end luxury MPV is the best solution for multi-person travel.Chinese families need a real family car.Chinese entrepreneurs, with their busy schedules, also need a really comfortable business trip. They need a quiet space, a space to talk about things, a space to relax, or even a space to be alone.High-end electric luxury MPV is the best companion for business travel.Chinese companies need a real business car.3. In the scenario of multi-person travel, it is necessary to consider the safety of the whole vehicle, so that the travel is meaningful.Many OF the CURRENT MPVS on the market, including six-seat SUVs, have a cramped third row that encroaches on luggage space and can be dangerous when rear-ended.The relationship between passengers and luggage cannot be taken into account in the case of multiple passengers. In most cases, the space requirements of luggage cannot be satisfied in the case of passengers.In order to protect the interior space, MPV adopts a two-box body structure, which is difficult to meet high requirements in structural strength and stiffness.This is MPV user’s pain points, 4 need to be solved, the second row of seats are comfortable, MPV is a concern to all users, however, even if is currently on the market mainstream business MPV, driving on flat road, sitting in the second row seat passengers will feel obvious vibration, is not very comfortable, the pain points also need to be solved.5. Few MPVS on the market pay attention to drivers’ driving feelings.Reduce the driver’s posture fatigue, let the driver happy driving, will effectively improve driving safety.This pain point, related to the safety of the entire vehicle personnel, needs to be resolved.We are both enterprises and users, we understand these pain points and needs, and we want to provide solutions.