“Zi Han” has withdrawn from the stage of history, the new “name” came again, the teacher can not bear words!

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Parents attach great importance to a person’s name.Because this name will follow their children for a lifetime, if not properly chosen, will only bring trouble to their children in the future life.Then, people of different generations have different opinions, like grandparents’ generation, they like to be named “Jianguo”, “xiao Feng” and so on, like parents’ generation, they like to be named “Zhang Wei”, “Yunfei” and so on.No matter what generation you are, there will always be a very ugly name, and the 00s generation will be the same.As a teacher read the name of his students, is also expressed very helpless.”Zi Han” has withdrawn from the stage of history, the new “name” came again, the teacher can not bear words!For example, it is easy to have more than one student named zihan in a class, or it is not the same character but the same sound, which makes it very difficult for teachers to read.Because the teachers want to call the students by their first names.But if you do that, you get multiple people standing up, so it’s very awkward.In fact, rotten street name or have a lot of, there is a teacher before there was a post.He said he wanted to talk to parents about the student’s condition, but it sounded like a tongue twister because the student’s name was so difficult to pronounce.Finally there is no way, can only play text, true is to let the teacher feel very helpless.Of course, I do not know there are so one or two examples of class name, or there are very many cases.As a result, many netizens also said that they understood the teachers’ pain, and joked that the teachers could become deyun society after practicing their oral English for so many years.Indeed, some parents, perhaps influenced by other countries, are less likely to name their children with just one word, and more is better.Some say the practice is to avoid having the same name, or perhaps to show that parents are educated.But this is not a good solution, because the child’s number of words, and many or out-of-the-way words, will be very difficult to read.If parents want to give their children a good name, what is the best way?Other parents choose their children’s names by themselves, rather than by any one person.This will be a lot of students feel very strange, and even behind the discussion is very much.They wonder if this student was not raised by his or her biological parents.Could it be with his stepmother stepfather’s surname?You have such idea is normal, after all, since the ancient times, is our children’s name and father’s surname, now because there is no such a feudal thought, and allows the children and their mother’s surname, but if not also not mother surnamed daddy, more or less there will be some gossip.Many parents turn to dictionaries to give their children a better name.And now children are all single word form is also very good, after all, will appear very unique, very easy to remember.Of course, if you really don’t know how to name it, parents can also ask the elderly, after all, they have lived so long, more or less for life will be more transparent, so may be able to sum up a more appropriate name.If parents feel that the elderly is not very good, or even some old-fashioned words, then parents can think about it by themselves, as long as they do not repeat the name as much as possible.There is, parents must pay attention to the problem is not to have homophonic stem, because many children are because of their own name homophonic existence, so has been their classmates to joke.This is a very difficult thing for a student who just grew up.Because the children’s tolerance is not very strong, the children will not say that the joke control a degree.Words are very hurtful, if there is no good enlightening children, it is easy to let the children’s psychological harm.The author’s message: parents must take their children’s names seriously.Don’t be like a joke, because this name is to follow the child for a lifetime, although it can be changed behind, but it is very troublesome.So parents, take this seriously!After all, parents would not feel comfortable if their children were laughed at because of their names.Finally, I hope every family can be harmonious and every child can have a beautiful name.