91 minutes red card!The French champions have suffered another blow, 23 points behind the leaders, with no grand Paris taillights in sight

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Ligue 1 round 25, defending champions Lille host relegation side Metz.Surprisingly, Lille failed to besiege the opponents, but also received a red card in the 91st minute, the two sides ended up playing 0-0!Lille are 23 points behind leaders Paris Saint-Germain and can’t see their taillights after the upset.Lille beat Paris Saint-Germain to win the league title last season, clinching the Ligue 1 title for the fifth time in the club’s history and also being seeded in the Champions League.Surprisingly, however, Lille have been losing ground this season.Lille went into the game 10th in the table against metz who are third from bottom and deep in the relegation zone.It was a great opportunity to take all three points, but it fell apart.Statistics show lille dominate the field, with nearly 70% possession, 13-7 shots on goal and an impressive 10-1 from corners.Lille, however, collectively forgot to bring their shooting boots, with both top scorer Jonathan Davey and veteran striker Yilmaz playing badly.For 90 minutes, the two teams combined for just one shot on target, which was replaced by frantic fouls.Down, a total of 23 fouls, including lille 10, 13 opponents.In addition, a total of eight people were booked.In the 91st minute, Lille defender Zegorova received his second yellow card of the game and was ejected from the field by the referee, almost becoming the sinner of the team.Since the 0-0, Lille have won, drawn and lost only one of their last three games, including a 5-1 defeat at Paris Saint-Germain, a 1-0 defeat at Montpellier and a 0-0 draw at Metz, dropping five points in total.Lille are now ninth in the table, but with 36 points, 23 points clear of leaders Paris Saint-Germain, they are the most underperforming champions of the big five.In fact, PSG are on their own in Ligue 1, holding a 13-point lead despite a mediocre messi performance from Kylian Mbappe and Angel di Maria.For Paris, the league title is only a matter of time, not much doubt, the only challenge is the Champions League.Paris Saint-Germain beat Real Madrid 1-0 in their previous Champions League quarter-final, giving them a 68% chance of progressing.Coach Mauricio Pochettino says Paris Saint-Germain’s 50-year wait for a Champions League title is too long and they want to do it this season.