After being pardoned in 1959, Song Xilian gave money to Chen Geng’s widow in his later years, and his last words touched people

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After the victory of the War of Resistance against Japan, for those who had made mistakes in politics, as long as they were sincere corrections, our party gave them a chance to turn over a new leaf, including the original kuomintang senior officer general Song Xilian.On an ordinary day in the winter of 1959, Song Xilian was pardoned by the People’s Court for his good behavior, and as one of the first prisoners of war to be released from prison, he regained his freedom.On the day of his release from prison, General Chen Geng, an excellent general of our party and an “old acquaintance” of Song Xilian, made a special trip to the prison to pick up song Xilian who had regained his freedom.After Seeing Chen Geng Song Xilian was very excited, also very happy and guilty, he said to Chen Geng: “I really did not expect that he would have today, in the face of the heinous crimes I committed, the Communist Party to me is so generous.”Chen Geng in the face of vicissitudes of life of old friends said: “Since ancient times, the two armies have been competing, you and I are just each in its own way.Moreover, our party s policy has always been to forgive and forgive, and anyone who shows sincerity can be forgiven.In the face of her old friend’s care and encouragement, Song Had mixed feelings and shed tears.Chen Geng’s life and death on the friendship of Chen Song two people, but also carefully introduce the past experience of the two.Born in a wealthy peasant family in 1907, Song Xilian received a good education in a private school when he was young.At home, his father also paid great attention to the son’s family education, often taught the father ancient Chinese literature, his father taught him Yue Fei, wen Tianxiang, these stories in the heart of the young Song Xilian to save the survival of the country, loyalty to the seeds of the country.After growing up, Song Xi lian took an examination of the provincial capital changjun middle school to read.At that time, he was affected by the revolutionary trend of thought, has participated in patriotic activities for many times, but also with the progressive youth Zeng SAN co-founded “Thunder” wall newspaper, commenting on current events, criticizing the current problems, propagandistic patriotic and national salvation thought.In 1924, Song Xilian went to the famous Huangpu Military Academy and entered the first phase of the First team of the Huangpu Military Academy to study.It is here that Song Xi Lian met the same Whampoa Military Academy to study the Communist Chen Geng.It was during the period of the first National Revolution, and the whole country was jubilant, before He joined the Kuomintang and championed the Three People’s Principles.During the school, the two of them together to listen to Dr. Sun Yat-sen’s speech, study together, common progress, in addition to Song Xilian also personally participated in the protection of the “father of the nation” Dr. Sun Yat-sen.After the first national revolution into the low tide, Wang Ching-wei Chiang Kai-shek has betrayed the revolution, a large number of Communists were arrested, including Chen Geng was carrying out the work at that time.Although two people at that time as a result of political disagreement had no prior intimacy, but Song Xi lian could not bear to see the old friend sacrificed his life.So he had already quit the Communist Party of his joint at that time many once in the Huangpu Military Academy students to the then Chiang Kai-shek wrote a letter, please see the then President Chiang Kai-shek in Chen Geng had saved him put him once.Chiang Kai-shek worried that he would bite the hand that feeds him, so Chen Geng was put under house arrest.Later in song Xi lian’s clever manipulation, will be under house arrest Chen Geng rescued.Song Xilian, a civil and military hero, was very skillful both in theory and in leading soldiers on the battlefield.As a first-period student of the Huangpu Military Academy, he was known as the “Light of Huangpu”. When he was young, Song Xilian served as the commander of the 161st Brigade.On the battlefield, regardless of personal safety, his four battalions, strong cross Yun Jiang Bang, from the enemy side back direction attack, surprise, give the enemy heavy, shattered the Japanese central breakthrough plan, hit the Arrogance of the Japanese army, save the overall situation.In the Anti-Japanese War, he is worthy of the national hero, according to historical records, Song Xilian led the army and the Japanese ace troops in a fierce battle in Lanfeng, led the army soldiers siege the 14th division of Tufei Yuan Xian er.In the battle with the Japanese in dabie Mountains and Shawo Rain, he took the lead, led the troops of three divisions hit the Japanese, in this battle, got the highest level of commendation in the Kuomintang army.At the end of the Second World War, in order to help the Expeditionary Force and the Chinese army stationed in India counterattack, aid the World anti-fascist Alliance.He regardless of personal safety risk department braved miasma rain into the surrounding Longling, bloody battles, the body large and small injuries countless, the final victory.In the latter part of the War of Liberation Chiang kai-shek appointed Song Hilien as the top military general south of the Yangtze River and asked him to hold off the communists in their attempt to “rule by crossing the river”. After this attempt was defeated, he was asked to buy time for the withdrawal of large forces to Taiwan.At the end of the war of Liberation, Chiang Kai-shek took Song’s five children to Taiwan to fend off the march of the Communist Party and sent Song to take care of the battlefield.His wife chose to stay with Him and later died of an acute illness at the age of 30.During his 10 years in prison, Song Hilien, 43, turned into 53, his children moved from one place to another in Hong Kong and eventually to the United States.After being released from prison, Song Xilian was invited to serve as the fourth, fifth, sixth and fourth CPPCC Standing Committee.He went to the United States to visit his family in 1980 and then settled there.In the more than 30 years in the mainland, he has never seen his other children in 31 years, except for his eldest son who once came to visit him.While living in the United States, he was elected a member of the National Reunification Committee, making friends, devoting himself to the cause of national reunification and serving as a bridge for people on both sides of the Taiwan Strait.In 1985 General Chen Geng’s widow Fu Ya went to the United States on business and stopped by to visit Song Xilian, who was living in the United States.When they left, Song Xilian slipped some money to Fu Ya, but Fu Ya refused to accept anything until Song Xilian said to Fu Ya, “This is my intention. Now I am not in China, so I have no chance to visit him. After you return to China, buy some flowers and go to see him for me.”The friendship between the two can be seen in general.In his later years, Song Hilien was always committed to the great cause of the reunification of the motherland, which was maliciously interpreted by some people. The Central Daily of the Kuomintang called Song Hilien “the eagle dog of the Communist Party”, and li Ao, a well-known Writer in Taiwan, expressed his support for him, saying:”It is’ the light of huangpu ‘, it is actually the eagle dog of kuomintang, and it is the loyal eagle dog, he is the kuomintang before the age of 43, go through all kinds of trials and tribulations. After the age of 43, he is the eagle dog of Kuomintang to pay the price, in prison, lose freedom.Why did Song Xilian not run to “the land of freedom” after he was released from prison? Why did he still not denigrate the Communist Party after he left the mainland?At the end of his life, Song Hilien said to his children, “When Taiwan returns to the motherland day, do not forget to tell you weng”, which was very touching. This generation of anti-japanese generals finished their life.The winter of 1949 was especially cold for Song Hilien. He lost his beloved father, then his wife, who loved and respected him. His children went to Taiwan with Chiang Kai-shek and were separated from each other ever since.And captured at the same time, he became the “traitor” in the mouth of the Kuomintang by a hero, one night, his wife scattered, family destroyed, thousands of people pointed out, still cherish great righteousness, do not forget the reunification of the motherland, this is what kind of boldness?