Guangzhou team’s progress, Guo Shiqiang contributed to the close defense to do not hurt, uncle is an example

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On January 25, Beijing time, as the men’s basketball team in guangzhou on the 27th in the round of the regular season, 111-105 victory over the shanxi, currently in 17 about 10 was ranked seventh, and the second stage last round in the face of the penultimate league ningbo team, winning is a big probability event, so at the end of the second phase, the guangzhou team basically could tide over the current ranking.The progress of Guangzhou men’s basketball team in this season is obvious, you know last season guangzhou team only at the last minute to take the last bus to the playoffs, even back to the playoffs are not close.Guo shiqiang is the biggest reason why he has made such great progress in the last two seasons.The biggest change guo has brought to the team is that defense drives offense, a phrase guo often talks about.In an interview after each loss, Kwak said, The reason why the team lost was that it did not defend well…….Such words, this is the biggest characteristic of Guo Shiqiang.It is worth mentioning that the current Guangzhou team gives the opposing team a great sense of pressure on the defensive end, but the movement is very clean, we basically do not see guangzhou players cause injuries to the opposing team, which is guo Shiqiang’s greatest ability as a commander.However, the “honest” team like Guo often suffered some unfair decisions. The image of Guo arguing with the technical team at the end of the first period of the regular season must be fresh in our minds, and Guo was eventually punished by the league’s five-game suspension.Some teams in the league, on the other hand, are required to be “tough” during the game, regardless of the health of the opposing players, and sometimes during the game, even pointing at the players’ noses and yelling.Such ugly situations happen all the time and are never punished by the league.Is the current CBA league to promote such a bad trend, to follow the rules of the decent people punished?Such an injustice is indeed an outrage to fans and a disgrace to the league.Back, we were talking about Guo shiqiang’s change in guangzhou men’s basketball team.Maybe careful fans will find that Guo shiqiang can be forgiven if guangzhou players fail to shoot in the offensive end. After the game, he will practice more. If the defense is not in the right position in the game, Guo Shiqiang will replace them immediately and scold them loudly.And the words of reprimand, Guo Shiqiang will not take a foul language, so that each player is very easy to accept.This is why the current guangzhou men’s basketball team, for Guo Shiqiang are very respected the biggest reason.In this season, guangzhou men’s basketball players have made great progress under guo Shiqiang’s careful coaching.And the most obvious progress is Chen Yingjun.In his last three games, Chen set a CBA record by becoming the first player to record 17 or more assists in three consecutive games (19 assists in guangzhou vs. North Kong in round 25;22 assists in guangzhou vs. Shandong in the 26th round;17 assists (guangzhou VS Shanxi in round 27), a record that no foreign player has ever achieved.Chen yingjun for Chinese Taipei, but also a domestic player, to achieve such a result is really outstanding.In his fifth and best season in the Chinese Basketball Association (CBA), Chen averaged 20.1 points and 10.1 assists in just 40 minutes per game in 27 games, making him the only Chinese player to average 20+10 double-doubles per game.And Chen Yingjun can have such a big progress, is entirely the credit of Guo Shiqiang, we often see In the game Guo Shiqiang personally demonstration action, to guide Chen Yingjun, and Chen Yingjun can meet Guo Shiqiang coach, is his greatest happiness.Guo shiqiang’s tireless and conscientious attitude reflects his love for basketball, and the great progress of Guangzhou Men’s basketball team is the biggest reward of Guo shiqiang’s hard work.We believe that even if the way forward will be unfair, but justice will never be absent, uncle refueling!