Happiness to hoary head!Sun Haiyang inadvertently scattered dog food, envy evil spirit others, Yingying sighed not married wrong

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A woman married well or not, from her expression can be seen, now Peng Siying is undoubtedly the happiest one.Sun Haiyang in the son Sun Zhuo back, from time to time to scatter dog food, envy a passer-by.But happiness does not come easily to them.After Sun Zhuo was abducted, we saw peng Siying’s state from the program of Shandong SATELLITE TV. She must have been heartbroken, dead and heartbroken to the limit.At that time, Sun Haiyang, like mad, persistent to find his son, almost destroyed.Later, Sun Haiyang reflected and adjusted his mentality. While looking for Sun Zhuo, he also began to manage his family well.Slowly help Peng Siying out of the grief of losing his son, start a new life.The birth of her youngest son sun Hui, in particular, inspired her tenacity.While running their own business and educating their two children, they tried their best to find Sun Zhuo by all means.Because of the movie Dear, they came into the public eye, and Sun Haiyang received more attention.God pays off, Sun Haiyang found his son.But 14 years of separation, whether the son will return to the family of origin also let Sun Haiyang anxious.They have earned their happiness.Sun Haiyang adopted a step by step approach, transforming the child from staying in Yanggu to returning to Shenzhen step by step. He began to assume the responsibility of the eldest son from the floating mentality of vagabondage, and became familiar with the writing of relatives and friends from the black eyes. Sun Zhuo completely integrated into the whole family.We see peng Siying also began to smile.She said with emotion, in this life the most do not regret, is married to Sun Haiyang, this is how affectionate confession.Ordinary romances took place all the time, and their happiness was managed to perfection.When Sun Zhuo’s mother was picking up Little Huihui’s toys, she saw the big black hammer and could not help attacking the brooding Sun Haiyang with the black hammer. She saw That Sun Haiyang was laughing happily and her eyes were full of love. The long reflex arc amused Yingying and made her laugh.On the first day of the lunar New Year’s Day, douyin said, “Breakfast prepared by British and British chefs, dozens of people rushed to clean it up…””, an “Anglo-British” name, dog food spilled off the screen, seemingly casual words of gratitude and love.The rape flower after the snow, wrapped the stem and tendril with a hundred dollar bill, infatuate and love all to, see The money that the English English deliberately fan kind, a big wave of dog food, so make public to spill out, caught off guard.This pair of experience life 99 81 difficult partner, ceaseless ego is reborn, ceaselessly ego jedi meet unripe, ceaselessly be like eagle metamorphosis, contend against snow and distress, waited for reunion spring finally, arouse the spray of happiness.Every time WE see Yingying’s happy smile, we are deeply infected. The virus of happiness is so contagious that the screen can not stop it.Change my heart, for your heart, only know love deep!The text and pictures are original and declined to be copied or reproduced without permission.Happiness is simple!Zhang Yangyang’s mother helps her son find his childhood every day. Only after the health examination can she really feel relieved!Warmth!Sun Zhuo and his brother love to eat sweet wine, sweet dumplings and baked sweet potatoes. Brother’s hug can appease Sun Hui’s anger.Xu Min plays together with her children and grandchildren, sharing the joy of family life for the first time!Cousin child full moon, Sun Zhuo and sister do pen # film dear prototype Sun Haiyang son has been found #