How many bucket, how many dustpan does the child hand fingerprint have?Which is “wealth”?Is there any scientific evidence

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In other words, it is the common expectation of every parent that their children become successful and their daughters become successful.After a child is born, parents will not only work hard on the name of the child to give it a good meaning, but also carefully observe the appearance of the child to see whether the child is rich or not.Generally speaking, children with full patio, wide printing hall, large earlobe, straight nose, rounded chin and other physical characteristics are considered to be rich and prosperous.Of course, in addition to the obvious physical features, for some parents, palm lines, fingerprints and other indicators of a child’s well-being.For the bucket on the fingerprint, “bucket” refers to the “snail” on our fingerprint.The lines on our fingers go round and round. If they are regular swirls and form a circle in the middle, they are dials.If it is a disorderly flow, no center, is a dustpan.Is it true that the number of fights on your fingers determines your fate, and the more fights you have, the better your life?The more “dou” on a child’s fingerprint, the better his life?One day, Xiaohui’s mother-in-law took the boy in her arms and looked carefully at his fingers with big eyes. As she looked, she muttered, “One, two, three…”Small hui curiously gather up, the original, the mother-in-law in the number of children’s fingerprints on a few bucket.After counting the child’s fingerprint has nine bucket, the mother-in-law immediately happily said to Xiaohui: “as the saying goes, nine bucket ten bucket enjoy happiness, my grandson must be rich and prosperous, after no effort can live very well!”When xiaohui heard this, she was not happy and said to her mother-in-law, “Mom, it is not good for children to hear this kind of words.Now all what time, see a few dou on the hand fingerprint, can you see the person’s life?Don’t be too superstitious!”Small hui mother-in-law not to be outdone, firmly said absolutely not wrong.In this way, the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law each other, quarreled.However, whether a child is rich or not really depends on the number of fingerprints?Genes related to human limb development play an important role in the formation of fingerprint pattern phenotypes, according to a study jointly published by Fudan University and The Chinese Academy of Sciences on January 7, 2022 in the journal Cell.Traditionally, fingerprint patterns are associated with skin development.But the study overturns previous beliefs and suggests that fingerprint patterns are mainly formed by fingerprinting genes that regulate limb development.In other words, the fingerprint pattern is determined early in the embryo’s development and cannot be changed after birth.The researchers also found a correlation between fingerprint patterns and finger length ratios, with the more complex the pattern, the longer the little finger and the shorter the palm.This study unlocks the genetic code of fingerprints, which has important guiding significance for fingerprint phenotypic identification and screening of specific diseases in the early stage in the future, and is expected to realize “hand recognition disease”.Now, the team has found a strong link between different skin striate phenotypes and a number of congenital genetic disorders, the researchers said.For example, clinically, by looking at the skin pattern of the newborn whether there is broken palm, foot toe bow ball, etc., you can judge whether it has Down syndrome, the accuracy rate is up to 98%.So, if you can tell whether a child is healthy by looking at the number of fingerprints on his hand, it might actually be true.However, it is absurd to say that the fight on the fingerprint hides the password of wisdom and wealth!What’s more, scientists have found that most Asians have more buckets on their fingerprints, so nine or ten buckets wouldn’t be unusual.What is the real “rich life”?Parents want their children to grow up to have a good life, but the reality is often not as good as people expect.Some children, burdened with all their parents’ expectations, end up in a mess.At this time, some parents will hate steel: “we treat you so good, spend so much money to raise you, you mix like this?”There are also parents who, after accepting the reality that cannot be changed, blame their children’s unhappy life on “fate”.Was it really fate?In fact, for an ignorant child, what he looks like, and the parents of the way of cultivation have a myriad of links.A child with a “rich life” does not necessarily have ten fingerprints or big earlobes, but it must have good parents.Good parents appreciate their children’s strengths and accept their shortcomings.Good parents share their children’s happiness and listen to their problems.Good parents communicate with their children as equals rather than talking down to them.Good parents spend quality time with their children, not half-heartedly.Such education out of the children, not rich are difficult!Wealth is not about being rich or superior, but having good qualities.Rich is the heart, confident, optimistic, cheerful;What is valuable is backbone, courage, independence and strength.For children, with the quality of “riches and honour”, no matter when “life” will not be bad.How can parents become “dignitaries” in their children’s lives?Three days doomed, seven points by struggle, wealth is by talent, hard work and struggle.Believe that “fight more life is better” parents, must change their ideas, do not let the child lie flat, so as not to miss many precious opportunities, resulting in children difficult to become useful.What parents really need to do is not to see how much their children fight, but to give play to their intelligence and wisdom in parenting, become the “nobles” in their children’s lives, and cultivate their children’s quality of “riches and honour”.First, embrace your children.If the child’s academic performance is not good, but is good at drawing, parents should not hate the iron does not become steel, must give the child the goal of the first age in the final exam, but to respect the child’s talent, excavate the bright spot of the child, teach according to their aptitude, correctly understand the child, but also help the child to know the real themselves.Second, let the child learn to be active.All parents’ worries about their children’s studies, careers and marriages result from neglecting their children’s intrinsic motivation.Should be the child to do things, parents stand in the active position, let the child become a passive party, over time, children will lose a lot of exercise opportunities.Third, let the children suffer.Children should be well-nourished, but not immeasurably satisfied.Now living conditions become better, a lot of parents are not willing to give up their children to bear hardships, but to eat a little bitter for the child’s success is a certain benefit, can exercise the child to deal with the ability of the problem, and can improve the child’s ability to be frustrated, later encountered any difficulties, can calmly face, to solve.In the end, whether a child is rich or not depends not on the number of fingerprints, nor on the time of birth, appearance, figure and other things that cannot be changed, but on whether the child has a “rich” mentality and quality, more depends on the parents’ upbringing.If you believe in the so-called “seven or eight buckets to get an official position, nine or ten buckets to enjoy prosperity” and wait for fate, you may get nothing in the end.