I can’t bear to expose your lies

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When going out, some people are going out, some are traveling, and some are practicing.I am often asked by my fellow travelers that the road we have traveled together is like two worlds in your eyes.Some people ask me, longevity Lake is really so beautiful?Is peony Lake really so beautiful?Mingyue Mountain, Baoding Mountain, Kaizhi Peak, Heyouping, Guixi River, Longxi River, Peony, Peony, cherry blossom world……Is it really that beautiful?Unable to answer, only with Mr. Wang Guowei “human words” weak explanation: “all scenery language language all sentiment language”.The wind blows the sails.Is it the sail on the mast or the sail in the eyes?Is the sail in the eyes, or the sail in the heart?”For a thousand readers there are a thousand Hamlets.”By is the speech: the world deep feeling and romantic literati alone half is still two wine house push a cup for a cup can drink out of infinite jiangshan moon Yang bridge sigh can drunk heaven on earth peony lake weak water three thousand is who said only take a bowl of biqiao dam red lotus root incense residue and who will wait for one hundred years knowing that literati in lies is no one is willing to expose figure 1.Figure 2: Plum Dye Sanhe Lake by Mr. “Stone” of the County Court; Figure 3: Chopping Green Vegetable Head by Mr. Xiang Xiaoqiu from The County Rong Media Center.Shu Honglin for the cultivation of the “ground chung Golden lotus” when the first month of the 13th morning of the year