MR Soul series mass production of 100 type change official diagram details of iron content is too low recommendations, such as 100 armor change

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METAL ROBOT soul series is the mobile Suit series of Ka Signature, and it is the mass production version of mobile Suit Z Gundam series. The official drawing of METAL ROBOT model has been released, which is expected to be of great interest to many fans. We take this opportunity to introduce the model and features of METAL ROBOT in detail.It is suggested to wait for subsequent full armor changes.In mobile Suit Z Gundam MSV series, as the start of Kasignature, it debuted as the mass-production version of the first shell.The characteristic head design, together with the outline of the whole body, creates and perfectly shapes out of the wonderful balance.The joints are of special and excellent fine specification, and the armour parts are gold in signature coating and design.Looked at and weight on the modelling design of aircraft integral style is similar, the shoulder cannon useless FIX the style, but my original set set, comprehensive movable ability and modelling design is well and good, according to the METAL of the specifications of the ROBOT the soul, the foot and the traditional advanced technology, each joint recreates the gold can be said to be the best type of the body personality.The golden part of the toy itself is completely coated, and then coated with gold on the original yellow molding color to reproduce the wonderful luster.Restore fans favorite hundred style series style of gold.The left shoulder and the marks of each part have been specially treated, showing a unique high-level feeling as a finished model.The MR mass-production Version of Best will be officially launched in June 2022, with a budget of 16,500 yen, or about 948 yen.Can be said to be completely did not understand the type, accessories are not much, iron content than other MR soul low, personal direct evaluation is: this?Did you write the numbers with your feet and your eyes closed?So, in summary, is this the kind of thing that’s going to cost close to four figures?This is much more efficient and faster than directly robbing money, so I suggest ignoring it and looking at the subsequent plans, I suggest changing all armor.However, I feel that this one has the potential to stir up, and it is estimated that it will be the operation and fate of the inverted ye.