Open the green channel!Mengshan Station of The Japan-Orchid high-speed railway escorts torchbearers for the Winter Olympic Games

2022-08-04 0 By

At 6:56 on February 1st, passenger Fan Naxin accompanied by her family arrived at Mengshan Station to take a bus.The passenger transport staff learned from the conversation with his family that Fannaxin received the confirmation letter of Beijing 2022 Torch bearer on January 18, participated in the torch relay in Beijing Winter Olympic Park on February 2, and returned by G894 at 23:05 on the same day.Li Haitao, the head of Mengshan Station, learned of the incident and opened a green channel, arranged special services and customized flowers to express the gratitude and congratulations of all the staff and staff of the station for the torch bearers to carry the Olympic spirit.At 23:05 on February 2, After fannaen got off the bus, he shared his health, happiness and vitality with everyone at the station. All the staff of Mengshan Station gave him flowers and New Year’s greetings.At the beginning of the New Year, in this special day, the bell of the winter Olympics in Beijing, mengshan standing all the cadres and workers to heart is the games, in order to protect the safety of the passengers, the station strengthen job security, in order to let the passengers have a better driving experience, actively carry out the station of “little red flowers with you” service activities, passengers booking services at the information desk phone in time,Do you have needs we have service, let more unity “faster higher stronger” Olympic spirit embodied in the service of passengers “more sweet and more patience and more eager to more careful” action, let “eye mouth attendance legs, frequently” three regular services act to implement in every position, let the service station of warm heart and the games are the beauty of the snow and ice penetration together, together into the future.