South Korea little sister’s “reduce age” feeling to wear a match to attack, eye pleasing color modelling, also too tender

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For young girls, there are many ways to dress, which can not only be very sweet, but also very cool and handsome. Therefore, when choosing clothes, we can choose targeted collocation to show the charm of modeling.Young girl see come over, reference below 9 kinds raise an eye to wear build, look at show tender and fashionable, South Korea little elder sister’s “reduce age” feeling to wear build to attack, raise an eye match color modelling, also too tender.South Korean little sister can be said to be very good at dressing up themselves, choose simple fashion clothes, you can easily concave a sweet fan, interested in the little sister is better to have a look!Attractive and sweet dress charm for young girls, in view of the personal sense of age in dress has a very rich choice, its collocation scheme and dressing style will exist a great difference.Among them, the simplest collocation idea is to be eye raising fashion collocation, with the classic color as the mainstream color of clothing, and with the minimalist design sense of clothing to improve wear, so that one of the body looks simple and fashionable.Among them, for the sweet feeling of wearing, the eye-catching color matching effect on the clothing color is the key to show the aesthetic feeling of the modeling. The classic thin black as the fashion background, combined with the white lapel design and sleeve design of the color scheme, make one of the dresses simple and complicated, matched and charming.Paragraphs white lotus leaf collar design dresses turndown collar design feeling small skirt, with pure and fresh and bright white increase the bright spot, and in a thin black skirt design on the neckline with concise design, under the action of a simple dress added colour to fashion, at the same time in classic black and white color under the action of collision, color of eyes degree will greatly improve absorption, for young girls,Is a good way to match.The collocation between striped shirt and skirt with round collar style and skirt often looks more ladylike. You can choose the round collar shirt with black and white stripes. The classic black-white collision effect looks minimalist and charming under the design effect of horizontal stripes.For striped round collar shirt, the distribution state of stripe elements is also of certain reference for the wearer. Usually, the black and white striped shirt is not recommended for fat girls to choose. Wearing will not only have a sense of restraint, but also the body shape is very inconsistent with the clothing version.The alignment of stripes can also have a great impact on the visual effect.Accordingly, more suggest figure fine petite female chooses jacket of round collar of stripe money and half length skirt collocation, a suit match color looks is extremely pure and fresh raise an eye, contracted atmosphere, the female that temperament feels chooses its collocation to be met more fashionable attraction, everybody might as well choose collocation adequately rise.For young girls, there are plenty of clothing types to choose from in daily life, such as casual hoodies, broad suits, or one-piece suits, which can fully reflect the casual beauty and fashion sense of dress.Among them, a brown vintage silhouette suit is a good choice, brown is a kind of earth color, light and luxurious color at the same time combined with the color of the eye charm, with the profile version to occupy a large area of vision of the fashion sense, easily show the vintage senior fan, make one wear more rich.The basic folding rule of gray bottom shirt with cream white knitted vest is widely used in daily wear. It is usually based on simple and fashionable clothes. At the same time, we also need to refer to the color matching of clothes to achieve eye-pleasing and fashionable charm modeling.Among them, choose gray bottom sweater and creamy-white knit waistcoat to match is a good choice, with light luxury and eye pleasing color, as the daily casual fashion wear is also very appropriate, fashionable people might as well experience it as soon as possible!The languid lazy collocation of pink tender suit is to young girl, the dress such as blue of a variety of colors of pink of sweet and pure and fresh sweet taro that suggest everybody chooses colour more will realize melting model.Among them, dress sheet with powdery tender sense is tasted make raise an eye and sweet girl vigor feels modelling is right choice.For example, the round collar jacket with pink and white stripes matching color style is chosen to increase fashion attraction with a strong sense of color collision. At the same time, the fashion scheme with the same color is matched with the recreational straight trousers of lotus root pink. The different display of a color in the tonal sense can easily increase the sense of layering and show the side of trend and personality.Look from the girl pink that raises an eye, one wears to build it is extremely raise an eye vogue, can make full use of to the youth, reference above melting raise an eye to wear build, did you have harvest?