The man went to the gas station to fill up his 120-liter tank with more than 160 liters of fuel

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Mianyang, Sichuan province, a man was driving when he found that the fuel gauge showed that he needed to fill up, so he immediately went to the nearest gas station to fill up. When the fuel tank was added to 161 liters, the staff said that it was not full, but also can add some more!What’s going on here?The man was thinking, this is not scientific!Then look for staff theory.During the process, the man also recorded video on his mobile phone.After theorize, the gas station agreed to pay the man for 110 liters.After the man left, he thought carefully. If the gas station was not guilty, why would the fuel tank of 120 liters agree to pay by 110 liters?The man sent the video to the Internet before the recording, without thinking, this operation, immediately caused a great uproar.When the gas station saw the video, it knew something was wrong.So quickly find this man, and leave “to ten thousand yuan delete video” conditions.When the man refused, the man at the gas station scrambled to grab the man’s mobile phone.After the man saw the other side of the carrot and stick, decided to call the police for help after the incident, the local market supervision bureau immediately involved in the investigation.Subsequently, the market supervision bureau of the gas station of 3 tanker, registration and preservation, and testing.According to the investigation, the gas station tanker in the detection of qualified, spent 1000 yuan, looking for someone to add the tanker backstage procedures.According to statistics, since the tanker was made hands and feet, to seal, the refueling a total of more than 41 tons of sales, illegal income of more than 300 thousand yuan.After fixing the evidence, the market Supervision Bureau made the following punishment decisions for the illegal acts of disturbing the market order of the gas station: 1. A fine of 2000 YUAN;2, immediately correct the illegal behavior;3. Confiscate the tanker involved;4. Confiscate illegal gains of more than 300,000 yuan.That’s the end of it?Not really!In fact, the behavior of the gas station is essentially by adding procedures to the tanker, causing consumers to be in the wrong cognition, pay more money.And its subjective purpose is to illegally occupy other people’s public and private property.According to the provisions of China’s criminal Law, taking illegal possession as the goal, using the method of fictional facts, concealing the truth, defrauding others of more than a large amount of property, constitute a crime of fraud, sentenced to less than 3 years imprisonment;If the amount involved is huge, he shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of 3 to 10 years.What is the concept of large, large amounts?In fact, about the amount of the identification, the standard of the implementation of each region of the country, because of differences.The case occurred in Sichuan area, fraud of more than 5000 yuan is a larger amount;More than 50,000 yuan is a large amount.In this case, the illegal income of the gas station is more than 300 thousand yuan.According to the above provisions, it is “substantial”.Therefore, the relevant personnel should be prosecuted for criminal responsibility and sentenced to 3-10 years in prison.Finally, honest management is the foundation of doing business.If we don’t have integrity, we won’t go far in life or business.You think, right?Pay attention to @ with the body statement!Together from the practice of the case, look at life, learn legal knowledge!Speak for yourself