What kind of person will remarry for a divorced woman with a baby?

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Master I am your old powder, many years have been concerned about, I female, divorce take baby, single at present, some confusion want to consult, my eight character is wuchen, jiazi, has not, yi hai.Would like to ask me this is not counted as the official kill mixed life, is not destined to have a second marriage?Does everything that is meant to be happen?So NOW THAT I’m divorced, when am I gonna remarry?What kind of person will remarry?When will you meet?Master Bu analysis reply: your birthday is (kunming made) year of hundred days, jia Zi month, Ji Wei Day, Yi Hai.Universiade: Guihai, Ren Xu, Xin you, Geng Shen, Ji Wei, Wu Wu, Ding Si.Born in 88 years is a dragon, now 33 years old, big Forest life, 2016 into the present Xinyou universiad.See the original bureau of the five elements of joy avoid: has soil day Lord born in the son shuiyue may not make, but sit not soil to land, in the year of the column hundred days of robbery money to help the body, but the main day around a b wood officer kill a powerful body, so take the body weak theory, to fire soil to help as a joy with, jinshuimu for fear.See the original bureau of love and marriage situation: 1, his soil day Lord, a wood is the official representative of stability, b wood is seven kill unstable short love, the official kill mix is easy to appear, love and marriage feeling is not smooth, plus the two are on behalf of the other half of the meaning, so it will be easy to have the suspicion of second marriage.2, year dry money revealed the linjia wood official, there is a hint that marriage is easy to be a third party or the husband is easy to be seduced by a woman outside the marriage, is also easy to lead to marriage is not the information, this can be paid attention to when looking for an object.3, the day for the marriage palace, sit not soil than rob and kill in the palace, this piece of information and the meaning of the above is basically the same, are easy to have a husband derailment.4, the month of the day, the son did not harm, emotional is also vulnerable to injury, or love and marriage feelings easy to have a sense of torture and pain, in the marriage environment is not very smooth.5, a has the officer, the officer on the month, easy to have early marriage or puppy love, but b wood seven kill in the branch, and the year on rob money through prosperous, covetans, often early marriage or puppy love also can not last too long, easy to go wrong, if the couple are determined, may be able to spend peace.6, the other half of the future, no official better, slightly superior appearance, but the height is general head, body belongs to all said type is not fat, the other family conditions are good, in the local level.7, the other half of the character is a little impatient, temper is not very good, but do things will be very stable, his spouse is a little high requirements, the other age will be older than you, but not too much with you, most of the other party is also married and divorced, there will be children around.8, the direction of spouse, in the city of their home (hometown) in the east will be more likely to meet or choose this direction of the people more appropriate.It is more advantageous to marry those born in the year of Shen and Zi, and those born in the year of you, namely those born in the year of monkey, rat and chicken.10, and the years of harm, and the years of life, and the biennial marriage is not good, that is, the rabbit phase is more bad, and the dog phase, in addition to do not have to worry about.Look at the age of transport: at present in xinyou Universiad (27 to 36 years old), for food injury universiad, easy to emotional transport is suppressed, it is not easy to find the right object, or easy to pick and choose feelings, to the other half of all kinds of dissatisfaction, married people are also prone to marriage conflict.Under the trend of this kind of big luck, 20 Geng zi and 21 Xin Chou are also not ideal emotional luck years, it is not easy to meet the right candidate, even if there is optional, it is easy to unstable.So will there be a relationship next year?In the year of renyin 2022, Yinmu appears as positive reason, and there is renshui wealth to help prosperity. This year, heterosexual reason is relatively prosperous, and there is a great probability of meeting positive reason men. It is also a year of easy love, but it needs patience to contact.If things go well, there will be an opportunity to get married in 23 years, and even if things go fast, 22 years is suitable for marriage.But if missed, 23 years and 24 years will also have the opportunity to fall in love, and even 24 years can have the opportunity to get married.It will be 27 years before we have another chance to meet the right fate.Universiade, since 2026 to enter GengShen universiade, feed with the universiade, and wounded officer give heptyl gold, marriage is easy to appear problem, especially on the wounded officer universiade bad marriages for most women often broke out from their own point of view, temper will, personality become irritable, it’s easy to get high, mood is easy to become unstable,These are all inadvertently revealed, this time is the test of their own concentration and their own practice of the time.The best advice is usually every day in the heart of their own advice to care less about some, more to pay some, temper better, pay attention to speak, believe it or not, as long as you can adhere to the three months I said a day without stopping, you will certainly have a surprise to their changes.In geng Shen Yun, we should pay attention to the 30, 34 and 35 years, which are prone to emotional conflicts and emotional crises.Husband and wife should tolerate each other, understand each other, communicate frequently, speak out and solve problems in time, do not let conflicts accumulate, only in this way can the marriage last for a long time.In addition, every year of chicken, rat, cow, rabbit need to pay attention to the marriage is easy to have contradictions, must remember that there are problems timely communication, tolerate each other more, take a step back, the husband and wife to live a long time.People stand between heaven and earth, everything is life, know the fate of the fate, then win;He who does not know his fate will lose.Do not believe the fate of the fate of the people, or will be defeated!Can you make money?Are you cut out for business?Will you ever get divorced?Does your woman want you or break you?Can you find a good marriage or not?Which direction should you go?The bureau has a clear answer to all of this.Would your life have been different if you had known earlier?Pictures from the network!