A narrow alley in the downtown, passing through wuhan qiaokou Zhongshan Avenue, is filled with fireworks

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In every city, there are old alleys, built with a long history and profound cultural heritage, which have become an important place for several generations to live.A tour of Wuhan, Hubei province, found that the city is full of old alleys, such as tang Jia Lane, which is qiaokou district’s Zhongshan Avenue near Hanzheng Street.The length of Tangjia Lane is limited, and it is longitudinally distributed from north to south. The northern section starts from Zhongshan Avenue and extends to the edge of the Han River.A walk down Tang’s Lane, this side of the city, with its old buildings and walkways and casual passers-by, has a lingering smell of fireworks and nostalgia.To tangjia Lane, you can choose to take a bus.Compared with the taxi straight to straight line, abrupt acceleration and sharp turn efficiency, uniform speed of the bus is more suitable for slowly enjoy the immersion of the old street scene along the way, in as many as a dozen roads through zhongshan Avenue Tang Jia Lane bus line, the trans-regional operation of 801 bus is a good choice.Walk along the north side of Zhongshan Road and stop at the qiaokou station. Then walk forward and see the gate of the Third People’s Hospital. The entrance to Tangjia Alley is the opening you turn into.Motor vehicles back and forth to borrow the road, the hospital gate staff prompt parking, stop and go, the north starting point of tangjia Lane, very lively.Nevertheless, this kind of familiar lively is delimit area temporarily, walk to tang jia lane along the intersection in, walked after dozens of meters, whole environment appears very “quiet”.Away from the main road of traffic, only one-way lane lane road surface, mostly sparse bikes and electric vehicles leisurely sway, walk for a long time also do not see motor vehicles.As the time is still early, the stalls in the alley have not opened the door, the doors and Windows are closed, the stalls are moved, and the debris is placed neatly, but it looks neat and cold.After walking for some distance, I saw a delivery and tow van parked by the side of the road, loaded with fruits and vegetables. The driver and delivery boy, wearing a mask, unloaded the goods diligently, then quickly started the car and disappeared at the end of the alley.Walking to the depths of the Tang Lane, the lively taste of the market slowly emerged.The nearest shop on the left is a steamed stuffed bun shop. The name of the shop is “Yangzhou Steamed stuffed bun”. I don’t know if this name has any connotation, because yangzhou seems to be not strongly associated with steamed stuffed bun, at most it can only be considered as Yangzhou fried rice.As for baozi, as long as the skin is thin and the meat is abundant and the meat filling is well prepared, the taste of the baozi will not be bad.The yangzhou baozi is modest in appearance, with a plain layout of signs and stalls, and just after 8 a.m., steaming on the steamer, it’s prime time for the buns to come out.Soy sauce meat, fresh meat, steamed pork, pickled cabbage, white sugar, vermicellin steamed stuffed bun everything, taste slightly different, but undoubtedly, meat steamed stuffed bun is the most popular.The big one is made as big as a fist, and the small one is as big as an egg, similar to xiaolongbao, but not xiaolongbao.After the steamed stuffed bun shop, is a health museum, because of the time period, has not started business.From the point of view of decoration style, the health club has been operating for a long time, with calligraphy signs, wooden door head and French window glass door. Although there is only one facade, the layout inside looks very neat and small.The health club in the alley must not be well-known and repeat customers do not know how many, but it must have its own unique tricks to continue operating.Passing by the health museum, there was a large opening on one side of the alley, which turned out to be the gate of a courtyard wall.The gate looked dilapidated and unbalustrated, resembling a large courtyard with a few low houses and clothes hanging outside, with the air of a farmhouse.In the Tang lane, food is indispensable, food shops are also very many.After crossing the courtyard to see a bridge rice noodle shop, is also a small sign, a facade.Interestingly, in The city of Wuhan, if you want to run a rice noodle shop well, it is quite a test of brand and food quality. After all, in the river’s lake where hot and dry noodles are king, any rice noodles can only serve as a foil.Cross the bridge rice noodles highlight the characteristics of soup and rice noodles. In fact, the taste of hot and dry noodles is contrary to that of hot and dry noodles. When you go to and from work, choose a seat and sit down, the boss quickly brings rice noodles.Coming out of the rice noodle shop, I saw several fruit shops.It can be said that there are one or two fruit shops in almost any lane. They are not big brand chains, but just storefronts, with small and large fruit distribution stations and price tags.Outsiders come, far to see the color of the fruit, smell the fruit, seasonal fruits and vegetables will be batch placed outside, preferential price sales.Even in the off-season, there are many tropical fruits from southern cities, such as mangoes, orange varieties, and large watermelons and cantaloupes that taste the same throughout the year.At the end of Tangjia Lane, there is a community pharmacy.Compared with other categories of clothing, food, housing and transportation, drugstores are also indispensable, especially for the living areas with many elderly people, the business state of drugstores is even more common.Retired people’s usual medicine, when the season necessary mosquito repellent heatstroke medicine, and occasionally there will be health care products promotion, sales are not much, but also must.Coming from the north of Tangjia Lane, at the end of the lane and within the limits of Hanzheng Street, the sense of chaos suddenly overwhelmed me.