Manchester United’s hopes of finishing in the top four of the Premier League have been boosted by the removal of three troubled players from javier Soloso’s squad

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Most Manchester United fans will be disappointed by the club’s transfer operations in January.Because the Red devils did not introduce a new face in the middle of the season.United’s lack of control in midfield, in particular, will continue to be a problem because of the winter window.However, for the start of the season has been a strong reinforcement of Manchester United, the squad is strong enough.The biggest problem for the team is the locker room and the mentality of the players.Through the winter window, Manchester United have solved more than half of the problems in the dressing room.With the departure of Soe shuai, there is no one left to defend united’s internal problems, which brings some facts to light.Marchal and Van der Beek were among the many players who led to Soshuai’s departure.Both players’ lack of playing time has been a constant source of frustration for the rest of the United squad.Keeping the two disgruntled players in the team would only have a negative impact on the United dressing room.So martial’s move to Sevilla and Van der Beek’s loan move to Everton are moves that could improve the mood in the united dressing room.The two players were blamed for a lack of game time in the united dressing room.Greenwood, on the other hand, is a young player whose playing time has contributed to united’s poor dressing room.Soxhom values Greenwood’s development and uses the player in action, with greenwood playing a lot of minutes.Soshuai to Greenwood blindly, cause other players dissatisfaction.As it turns out, Soshuai lavished his love on Greenwood, which was totally undeserved.Other united players may have been aware of greenwood’s troubled private life, so it is understandable that they resent soe’s decision to use him.United’s dressing room is set to be transformed after they dealt with three players who were implicated in the sacking of javier solosoe.With the rest of the squad in need of safety, united’s chances of finishing in the top four of the Premier League this season have been greatly improved by resolving some of their dressing room problems.