Milan are listed as candidates for Italy’s new coach: lippi is with fabio cannavaro and carlo ancelotti

2022-08-05 0 By

Italy’s national team is out of the World Cup finals in Qatar after losing 1-0 to North Macedonia.With many Italian fans expressing their disappointment after the match, there have been reports that manager Roberto Mancini could be sacked, and gazzetta dello Sport reports that fabio cannavaro and Carlo Ancelotti are among the candidates for the new coach.Reports suggest that Italian football federation president Fabio Gravina needs to reconsider the future of the Italian national team and decide whether to make a change of coach.If not, he could sign a new contract with Mancini until 2026, or the two sides will go their separate ways.If Mancini leaves, there are currently two candidates for Italy’s new coach, fabio cannavaro and Carlo Ancelotti.If Cannavaro is appointed, lippi will serve as technical director to help cannavaro better accomplish his task.In addition, real Madrid coach carlo ancelotti is also one of the candidates, if the Italian national team needs an experienced manager, a “father” of task, like when roberto mancini in the ruins of failure to sow the seeds of hope, then carlo ancelotti will be a suitable candidate, premise is that carlo ancelotti is willing to work with real Madrid contract.Carlo Ancelotti’s career is full of glory, and the national team’s coaching experience is the only thing missing from his CV.(Iron fist)