On Baggio’s 55th birthday, his daughter posted several touching messages: “Is this why I love you

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Yesterday, on baggio’s 55th birthday, his daughter Valentina sent several messages explaining why she loved her dad so much.Valentina, 32, has posted a series of Instagram posts, each accompanied by an old photo, explaining why she loves her dad.Valentina wrote: ‘I love you because you chose your mother 40 years ago and you are still like a young couple in love.'”I love you because you took me to Euro Disney when you went to Paris to pick up the Golden Globes.””I love you because you are a simple person who loves nature and animals, and we drive around in panda cars to see how nature develops.””I love you because you are my biggest fan of tiramisu.””I love you because we are a wonderful family.””I love you because you will play cards with me for hours.””I love you because one day, I want to find a man like you who, after 40 years, still looks your mother in the eye.””I love you because someday you’re going to make an amazing grandfather.””I love you because if we go to the mall, we have to empty the whole store, and for us, life must be celebrated every day.””Happy birthday, Dad!(Goblin Killer)