10-3!Japan conceded early on the final day of the Winter Olympics after Europe’s oldest power won gold

2022-08-06 0 By

Great Britain beat Japan 10-3 in the women’s curling final to claim the first gold medal of the Winter Olympics on Sunday.The English team crushed the Japanese in the match, winning easily and deservedly.In the stands, the British team cheered en masse.Britain is an old sports power, and they did very well in the Summer Olympics.In Tokyo, for example, Team GB won 22 gold MEDALS, ranking fourth!Team GB are aiming for seven MEDALS and as many golds as possible.But it was not until the previous day that Britain won a medal, in the men’s curling final, which saw Sweden play Great Britain in the extra round.In the end, Great Britain narrowly lost, winning their first medal of the Games.Now, the British women’s curling team, the first two points, after the First game, Japan took one point.But England were the better team overall, leading 4-2 in the sixth frame.In the seventh game, England scored 4 points from behind to lead 8-2 and the game was over!In the end, The British team won the gold medal 10-3!As for the Japanese, they were very upset. They conceded a game early because the gap was too big.It was team GB’s first gold of the Games.There was jubilant applause from the rest of the British team in the stands as Britain finally broke the ice on the final day of the Winter Olympics.Britain’s performance in the Winter Olympics was truly unsatisfactory.Look at Britain’s immediate neighbours, Germany, France and so on.Germany outperformed Britain with 11 gold MEDALS and France with five.In Europe, the UK’s GDP is second only to Germany’s.Now in the Winter Olympics, they only have one gold and one silver!Team GB has apparently failed to meet expectations for the 28 million pounds, or 240 million yuan, invested in its preparations for the Beijing Olympics.Of course, Britain finally has a gold medal and the old powers have been spared the biggest embarrassment of all!