How to prevent the spread of the cold chain?Don’t forget these “killer features”

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Beijing, Feb. 12 (Xinhua) –Q: How to prevent the spread of cold chain?In the past year or so, we have reported on the novel Coronavirus transmission through the cold chain in some parts of Our country.How long can novel Coronavirus survive on objects?How to prevent the spread of the disease through the cold chain?According to He Qinghua, first-level inspector of the National Health Commission disease Control Bureau, the Novel Coronavirus does not proliferate on the surface of objects and will degrade and lose its infectious activity in a short time under normal temperature conditions, but the survival time of the virus on the surface of objects may be prolonged under conditions of low temperature, humidity, containment and high virus concentration.In order to prevent the transmission of Novel coronavirus transmission through the cold chain, the relevant authorities have made it clear on many occasions that prevention should be given priority and that people, objects and the environment should be protected at the same time, the “four early hours” requirement should be implemented, risk groups in key industries should be checked and hidden risks identified and eliminated in a timely manner.In terms of personnel prevention and control, the Novel Coronavirus Technical Guide on Cold Chain Food Production and Operation (Second Edition) recently issued by the Joint Prevention and Control Mechanism of The State Council clearly states that cold chain food producers and operators should register their employees’ travel and health status within 14 days and establish health cards for employees on duty.New employees shall provide proof of novel coronavirus vaccine vaccination, nucleic acid negative proof within 48 hours, and no abnormality in health code and travel code.At the same time, high-frequency nucleic acid testing should be carried out for staff at high-risk positions.When it comes to control things, recently issued by the cold-chain food production or marketing process will be disinfection technical guidelines for prevention and control of coronavirus (second edition) “(hereinafter referred to as” disinfection technical guidelines “) also gives the specific provision: from COVID – 19 epidemic high-risk areas (country) of cold-chain food raw materials and semi-finished products into the enterprise or the storage, should be strict and effective disinfection on the outer packing.In the process of transporting cold chain food, it is strictly prohibited to unpack and dump goods. If it is necessary to unpack and dump goods, disinfection shall be carried out in accordance with relevant requirements.In terms of environmental prevention and control, the disinfection technical guide requires that the frequency of disinfection should be increased in the workshop environment of the processing of cold chain food raw materials, the workshop environment of ready-to-eat and cooked food production, storage and cold storage and other high-risk areas.In addition, surfaces most likely to be contaminated by the virus, such as steering wheels, door handles and mobile devices, which are frequently touched by people, should be regularly disinfected.The reporter learned that the market regulatory authorities require food producers and operators to carry out special channels for the purchase, storage and sale of imported cold chain food, and carefully check nucleic acid testing certificates, inspection and quarantine certificates and disinfection certificates.Imported cold chain food without the above certification and traceability information shall not be purchased, produced, processed or marketed.Source: Xinhua