Su Yiming: I don’t think I’m talented and surround myself with positive people

2022-08-06 0 By

Su Yiming, who won one gold and one silver medal in snowboarding at the Beijing Winter Olympics, has been interviewed by China Central Television.In the interview, su, 18, said she doesn’t feel more talented than others and that it was her hard work and the support of her family.Su Yiming poses during the medal presentation ceremony of the men’s snowboard big jump at the Awarding square of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games in Beijing, Capital of China, Sunday.Speaking of her silver and gold MEDALS, Su yiming said:”I’m very happy to get silver in slopestyle in such a difficult event. I’m very happy in the big jump, but I didn’t have the feeling of standing on the podium for the first time in the Olympics. It was different at that moment.”I don’t feel like I’m more talented than anyone else. It’s all about my own hard work and the support of my family. I’m so lucky to have so many positive people around me.”I want to thank everyone, my country, my parents, my coaches, everyone who likes me and loves me, and snowboarding for allowing me to stand on the field and do what I do,” Su said of her hands clasping after each race.