Table tennis serve can’t play an advantage?Full force, in advance to do the target

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Different strategies are used for different opponents, and you need to prepare your serve in advance.Observe whether the opponent is straight or flat, left-handed or right-handed, an ordinary reverse rubber player or a strange rubber hand with long glue or raw glue.The first few shots will be exploratory, understanding the opponent’s style of play (good at close break or like to cut), knowing this information will be easy to target.Pay attention to the rotation, the change of landing point serve attack is the most important tactics, but if the opponent touch the rule, will become serve attack.Therefore, when serving, we should pay attention to the change of landing point and rotation.A short backspin near the net with a topspin on the baseline, two diagonal runs, a backspin near the net without turning, or a backhand burst.Swing as close as possible and don’t make it easy for the opponent to recognize.In addition, but also observe the opponent’s law of receiving serve, is like rubbing or blocking, is like pressure backhand or like stealing forehand, for the next attack to prepare.Full power in order to prevent the ball out of bounds or too high arc, many players do not dare to power when serving.But in fact, high quality serve all need full power.If you want to serve short backspin to the net, you can eat the ball a little shallower to extend the friction and slide the racquet from the bottom to the bottom of the front.If you want to send a strong topspin, you should hit and rub the combination, eat and hold the ball first, and then rub the ball on the back side, as long as the friction is sufficient, even if the ball arc is high, it will not fall.Note that different types of serve should be used at different times. The regular backspin short serve, which is mainly used to limit the power and test, can be used in the opening period.After learning the opponent’s technical characteristics, use the running ball to press the backhand to steal the forehand.If you get to the middle game, you can try to break the score with backspin and topspin forehands, get an advantage, and then extend the score with a difficult, powerful serve.It should be noted that the killer mace should be used in the critical stage, so as to achieve the purpose of final decision.Rhythm control rhythm control is also an important link of serve, get the ball after a quick release can hit an opponent unprepared, drag back can consume the opponent’s energy.Under normal circumstances, can first grab a few balls, let the opponent high tension, and then slow down to delay time.Pick up the pace when your opponent is losing points, don’t give him time to adjust.If you are not in good condition, you can bounce the ball on the racquet a few more times, adjust your breathing, slow down the tempo.Bold innovation serve a variety of ways, in the case of a solid foundation can be bold innovation, the development of their own service techniques.You don’t have to have a lot of different types, just one or two, and leaving them in the game will greatly increase your chances of scoring.