Before xie Na after Anna, Venus asked if it was especially like to take the word of the woman, Liu Ye returned 3 words

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In 2006, Xie Na broke up with Liu Ye, who had been in love for 6 years. Although Liu Ye tried hard to retain her, Xie Na finally left him cruelly.Seeing off Xie Na at the airport, Liu Ye gently asked 1: “Nana, can you embrace me?”This is the last time Liu Ye and Xie Na embrace, Xie Na pushed him away and said: “Thank you, goodbye.”And just like that, the couple, once considered a golden couple by millions of fans, ended their relationship for good.After two people break up, Xie Na met Zhang Jie very quickly, from falling in love with Zhang Jie, to later get married and have children, everything appears so naturally.On the other hand, Liu Ye, abandoned by Xie Na, he fell into great grief, has been using alcohol to paralyze himself, rely on sleeping pills to sleep, once asked how long and Xie Na broke up, he blurted out without thinking: “the third month and seven days.”Everyone was surprised at his quick answer, but he shrugged and smiled and said, “Counting the days.”However and just break up the situation is different, at that time Xie Na career and love double harvest, it can be said that life became a winner, Liu Ye became a downcast.Can look from the state of two people now, now Xie Na is immersed in criticism, suffer the ridicule of the public, in turn at that time to give a person the feeling of self-abandonment for feelings Liu Ye, but now live very happy, perhaps, this is feng shui turns……Liu Ye was born in March 1978 in Changchun, Jilin province. He grew up in the “movie family”. His father was a lighting engineer in Changchun Film Studio, his mother was also a studio employee, and his family had a sister one year older than him.Influenced by his parents, Liu Ye has been in touch with the film industry since he was a child. He has developed a strong interest in the art of film since he was a child. However, what he is interested in is not working behind the scenes like his parents, but eager to stand in front of the stage and become a popular actor.When his parents learned that he wanted to become an actor, they did not stop him. They encouraged him, saying, If you want to become an actor, you should study hard and then go to a professional school to study acting. Only then can you become a good actor.Young Liu Ye did not realize that this was just a trick his parents wanted him to study hard. Since then, he has been studying hard. From primary school to middle school, his academic performance has always been among the top in the class.In 1996, liu Ye graduated from high school at the age of 17. With the dream of becoming an actor, he applied for the Central Academy of Drama and became a student of the Acting class of Grade 96.This year, he was admitted to the Acting department of THE Chinese Drama, as well as many famous actors we are familiar with, such as Zhang Ziyi, Mei Ting, Qin Hailu and other so-called eight golden flowers of the Chinese Drama, as well as qin Hao, a famous actor in recent years, and others, are students of this class.Just admitted to the drama, because a lot of students in the class have learned acting, among them Mei Ting, Qin Hailu and other people, but also in the performing arts road broke out a certain popularity, without any acting experience Liu Ye, when the beginning of the school felt particularly great pressure.In addition, he was not good at words at that time and did not like to take the initiative to talk to others, so he began to miss his relatives and everything in his hometown, and gradually had the idea of dropping out of school. Later, under the guidance and persuasion of his teachers, parents and sister, he persevered.After adapting to the study life in the Drama, Liu Ye has been studying hard to learn acting skills, his serious performance and learning ability, so that the school teachers are particularly optimistic about him, every chance will think of him first.In 1998, liu Ye was in his sophomore year and received the film “The Man and the Mountain and the Dog”. After the film was released, it successively won the Golden Rooster Award for Best Feature film and many other film and television awards at home and abroad. Liu Ye, 19, also won the Golden Rooster Award for Best Supporting Actor for his acting.After this, the young famous liu Ye career development has been smooth sailing, just graduated from university, he was the famous director Guan Jinpeng in the film “Blue Yu”, and with this film won the Golden Horse Award best actor, became the youngest actor!Following the victory, he has also won the Golden Rooster Award, golden Goblet Award and other awards for the best actor, won the “three gold” best Actor award, last year he starred in the “Island Keeper” this work, again for him won the Golden Silk Road Award and golden Deer Award for the best actor award.He has developed so well in his career that he has become the representative of the Mesozoic generation actors in China and is loved by audiences and fans. Many people are looking forward to his new works.However differ with the development on the career, the Liu Ye that goes all the time with a smooth wind on the career, experienced a lot of setback however on feeling, have the feeling experience of much paragraph of failure, among them everybody pays close attention to most, it is he and famous compere Xie Na 6 years of feeling.In 2000, Liu Ye in the filming of Yingda directed “happy Street” when the play, accidentally saw a look not outstanding, and personality is careless, looks a little rules also do not have a girl, his first impression of the girl is not good, and even a little hate her, the girl is Xie Na.Results wait until the start of the shooting when he found that the role of his girlfriend in the play is Xie Na, because two people in the play have a lot of kissing, plus often say some love words, as time goes by, because of the play love of the two people friction out of the love of the spark, shot this work did not long, they two people came together.Like all celebrity lovers, they did not reveal their relationship when they first got together for fear of affecting their acting careers, but hid from the media cameras all the time. Although their relationship was “shady” at that time, both Liu Ye and Xie Na were very satisfied with the relationship.Later was exposed by the media relationship, while many people poking fun at that time didn’t fire up to uproot shayna don’t deserve, liu ye, even hope they two people break up as soon as possible, but they have held up all the way, and under the help and support of liu ye, uproot shayna also slowly development better and better, then happened to meet li xiang left the hunan satellite TV, later uproot shayna is seize the opportunity,Quickly took the throne of the first sister in Hunan.However, what makes a person feel unexpected is that they have been in love for many years, when everyone expects them to enter the marriage hall, they quietly ended this paragraph of love, in the eyes of outsiders are the golden couple, they became good strangers.According to media sources at the time, there are many reasons for their split, most people believe that Shayna was overwhelmed.From together with Liu Ye to break up, she has been ridiculed, many people say that she does not deserve Liu Ye, at first she did not care, but as more and more people say so, inadvertently listen to the intention, she also began to doubt herself.Later after she is popular, still have many person she borrows Liu Ye superior, fall in the erosion of all sorts of gossip, this paragraph of feeling dissipated gradually.Another theory about their breakup is that Xie couldn’t stand liu’s excessive drinking. When they first visited Xie’s house, Liu drank all a bottle of baijiu and began to talk nonsense, swear words and even get physical.And before the media broke the news, Liu Ye in the United States when filming “Dark Matter”, because drunk hurt the translator, the translator was sued by the court, and finally spent 800,000 to solve the matter.Shayna has directly denied the claim in an interview, so only they know why they broke up and what the real situation is.We know that after Xie Na and Liu Ye broke up, Liu Ye had been deeply stuck in this relationship, to rely on alcohol to anesthetize himself, and even for a period of time can only rely on sleeping pills to fall asleep.And Xie Na and he part company did not meet Zhang Jie how long, married zhang Jie in the second year, on the contrary, the Liu Ye that is troubled by this paragraph of feeling all the time, until after encountering French charming wife Anna in 2009, just walked out.Do not know intentionally or unintentionally, Liu Ye’s French wife Anna and his ex-girlfriend Xie Na, have a na in the name, because of this, in his guest gold Star show, Venus also asked him: “do you particularly like the name of the woman with na?”After hearing this problem, Liu Ye immediately nervous deny way: “coincidence!”Or maybe it’s a coincidence that his current wife Anna has a na in her name, as he has been kind to her since they married in 2009 and has spoiled her for 13 years.Sweet feelings of them, after marriage also gave birth to a son and a daughter, now children have grown up healthy, become very sensible, from this point of view, perhaps compared to the name with the same word xie Na, Anna is more suitable for him.Now Liu Ye and Xie Na have their own happiness and family, from the perspective of development, they are almost the same, are familiar with the public artist, but word of mouth is completely different.Because Liu Ye has been making great efforts to bring good works to the audience for so many years, he has become a real power actor of the Mesozoic era favored and supported by the public. Many audiences and fans like him, and everyone gives him a very high evaluation.Shayna, on the other hand, has won legions of fans for her witty hosting style, but in recent years she has been ridiculed for her outspoken and easy-going personality.February 8, Xie Na and her husband Zhang Jie is because “Xie Na buy jump single” this topic, boarded the hot search list of major websites, suspected to find an agent to buy jump single their couple, was pushed into the public opinion.Although they later explained that there was no such thing as single hopping and they were stigmatized by the agency, we can imagine how much it affected them.17 Du Haitao and Shen Mengchen official marriage, as fast family members xie Na last to send blessings, which caused a lot of netizens doubt whether and a few days ago people set collapse.However, although Liu Ye and Xie Na are now in the public heart of the word of mouth is different, but from their respective life, their feelings and family management is very good, perhaps for them, at the beginning of the choice is correct.Especially Liu Ye, now fame and fortune, but also the harvest of a happy family and a section of stable feelings, there is what regret?