Elden Circle producer: You don’t have to fight the best BOSS

2022-08-07 0 By

GamerBraves recently sat down with elden’s producer, tadashi kitao, to talk about the bosses in the game.”We didn’t want to make the BOSS too difficult,” Kitaho said, referring to feedback about the difficulty of bosses in online testing. “We admitted that some bosses were too difficult in online testing.He’s really only tweaked it a little bit at the top end, so he really needs some balance early on.”Kitasho also admits that there will be a number of optional bosses that will challenge players’ skills and that some of them will be very, very difficult.”For bosses that are unnecessary, optional, and hidden, we deliberately add challenges for players who want to pursue them.If you want or are inclined to, you can get some really hard challenges on bosses that are hidden from the world.”Of course, this arrangement is nothing new — Bloodline, Dark Souls 3, and Wolf have all had difficult bosses hidden away, and it’s no surprise that elden’s Loop will continue to do so.I just hope the intensity of hiding the BOSS is high enough. If it takes two hours to find the BOSS and only ends up playing for two minutes, it’s a little awkward.It’s better for everyone to have this experience