“I do practical things for the masses” mass prevention, mass governance, solving conflicts and disputes the people’s reputation reflects the shining banner

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In order to thoroughly implement the special action of “big investigation, big bottom, big resolution, big clearance” and homicide prevention and governance, resolutely curb the rising momentum of illegal crimes, effectively prevent all kinds of cases caused by conflicts and disputes, create a good social security environment, so that contradictions are not handed over, safe and no accidents, services are not missing.Recently, the Jianye police station of Linghai Municipal Public Security Bureau played the force of mass prevention and mass governance to successfully resolve a conflict and dispute, and received a banner of thanks from the masses.On January 20, jianye police station learned in the investigation process of contradictions and disputes that there were two residents of suifeng seed farm in jianye district due to the loan caused by the contradictions and disputes.The cause is ma to meng mou to borrow money, Meng mou for a friend “loyalty” with their id card in the bank to borrow a sum of more than 30,000 yuan, lend Ma mou.Both sides agreed to return a month later, but Ma mou failed to repay in accordance with the agreement.Meng mou for many times, Ma mou has been to no money for the reason, refused to repay, Meng mou has no way to repeatedly cry to the masses around ma mou’s behavior, and many times revealed the idea of wanting to conflict.Thus police station after knowing the situation, for the various MiaoTouXing security hidden danger, the propensity to eliminate in the bud, joint and thus township was abundant seed stock station leadership, the folk lending dispute mediation work, the police with detailed information after seed stock station leadership, adjusted to the problem, put facts and reason things out, analysis the reason, to guide the perspective-taking,Channel the excited emotion.At the same time, the police use typical cases to interpret the law, so that both sides fully realize that contradictions and disputes are harmful and useless, and guide both sides to correctly treat and deal with the interest disputes through legal channels.After many times of mediation work.Finally, on January 30, the two sides reached an agreement on this issue and resolving conflicts.Ma will be in the bank loan Meng more than 30,000 yuan to pay off.So far, the contradictions and disputes caused by borrowing have been successfully resolved.When Meng mou to the bank after dealing with reimbursement find police station to give a banner.Meng tears, the police station responsible for the fair thank.Serve the people heart and soul just police station always adhere to in order to enhance people’s sense of security and satisfaction as a starting point and the foothold of the public security work, practical and will be a large number of disputes and a security hazard prevention in symptom, resolve at the grassroots level, enhancing safety construction foundation, strengthening people’s feeling, happiness, security, to safeguard social stability,Protect the peace of one party.Article source: Linghai Municipal Public Security Bureau review: Wang Hao written by Jiang Yanni editor: Zhang Xiao